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Default Re: Role Play Rules, Standards, and Creation Guides


At this point, now you’ve got to write out your ideas and present them to your potential RPers. Think of this as serving the ice cream sundae. You want it to look nice, not have ice cream goop dripping over the edges, and not end up on someone’s lap! With this, it helps to use the best of your writing ability along with proofreading and creative description. I’ll go through each part of how I write up the Kyral RP (which I’m giving the title of The Guild of Salvation RP) so you’ll see how I typically handle this.

What will be in the actual RP is written in black. My tutorial comments will be written in blue, highlighting the format and organization I typically use when dealing with an RP like this.


The Guild of Salvation RP

I will not deny, if you can make decent banners, do it for your RP. The other option is to have someone else make the banner for you, as in requesting in a banner shop or something like that. Most people request banners for their signature, but there’s nothing stopping you from requesting one for an RP to give it some more life and color. Think of it as giving your RP some box art.

So, what we have here is a banner I made in Photoshop, given almost a surreal and dreamy kind of effect. It helps if you base the banner off of the theme of the RP. Since this RP has a kind of dreamy-like plot (prophecy, inherited powers, and so on), the banner bends more toward that. If this had been an horror/noir kind of RP, then I probably would have made the banner more macabre-looking with blood splatter, grunge effects, and so on.

In the meantime, have the RP’s title out in words just in case the image link breaks or your host goes down. You never know.


Many thousands of years ago in the world of Rakantal, Kadesh, a wise soothsayer Raichu, founded the Kyral colony at Lake Jykali, deep within the forgotten realms of the Versais Forest. In a dream vision, he was instructed by the benevolent spirits Kao, Nian, and Fal to begin the community here, for the Fountain of Synergy in the center of Lake Jykali would bless his descendants. Kao, Nian, and Fal also instructed Kadesh to begin writing the The Kyral Prophecy, for one day, the time would come that it would be the Pokémon of this colony would restore peace and prosperity to the world in an era of great chaos. But, in order to ensure these events would come to pass, the colony of youthful and naďve Pichus, young and energetic Pikachus, and strong and wise Raichus would need to remain here for many generations so that the Fountain of Synergy would bless his descendants.

And for many generations, the colony thrived, always remembering Kadesh, the Kyral Prophecy and the Code of Conduct, and the spiritual guidance he left behind to give them guidance, peace, and compassionate understanding. Very few members of this enigmatic colony left the colony as those who were born in it lived out their entire years within its peace. Their very lives were a mystery to the rest of the world, as the deep and obscuring trees of the Versais Forest housed and protected them. Rarely did anyone from the outside world come across the Kyral colony, and the few that did briefly came and went, despite the hospitality and generosity of the colony’s inhabitants.

Okay, as you can tell, now I’m taking things by chronological order. If you flip flop between events that happened in the present and events that happened in the past, its going to be confusing. Since we don’t need to introduce the human nation war just yet, we’ll start with what happens first in time: the establishment of the Kyral colony and the mythical prophecy and attributes that surround it. Since the Kyral colony is special in a lot of ways and has secrets that they don’t want to share, we’re going to make them a little more secluded.

Over the many years, the electric mice of the Kyral colony soon began to notice slight changes in their young offspring. Some were able to see brief visions, mend small cuts and bruises, and even cause a purely sunny day to turn into a gentle shower. As predicted, many of the elders of the Kyral colony believed these were the seeds of the powers promised by the ancient Kadesh and the spirits that guided him. It was evident that there was now a sign that the Fountain of Synergy was bestowing its blessings upon the younger generations.

And over the generations, the blessings grew stronger. The Pokémon that were once the young offspring that showed the beginning signs of the fountain’s blessing were now the elders of the colony. Kalen, the chieftain Raichu of the colony at the time, had experienced a vision to organize the six clans of Kyral based upon the six different blessings the fountain had granted them. In truth, Kadesh had mentioned this event in the Kyral Prophecy, and Kalen obeyed. Despite their evolving differences, the six clans within the Kyral colony thrived in peaceful unity. Now, after so many generations have passed, the electric mice of the Kyral colony have reached the height of their blessing…

…and now it may just be the only hope the world still has…

Here is how the powers get explained an incorporated into the storyline. If your characters are going to have powers and special attributes, having a justification for them helps a lot. Also, the more a character has known and felt this power, the more familiar it should be to them.

And in light of this, only mention events from the past that actually affect things in the present. Despite how much of a role Kadesh plays in this, we only need to know that he was the original founder of the colony and that he was guided into writing the prophecy. If need be, those can get developed in the RP itself if its really necessary.

Also, ending sections of your RP storyline with spicy cliffhangers helps get people enticed.


Unknown to the Kyral colony, the humans of the world of Rakantal were locked in vicious, bitter warfare as they all sought the last deposits of Kyterian, precious mineral resources they needed to power their cities. The nation of Lamac possessed the last remaining fields, and the nations of Nazmarc and Janzek desperately pleaded and attempted to bargain with Lamac to obtain same share of the precious resources.

However, the negotiations failed, and a bitter and angry struggle was the result. Knowing that the loss of power would cause entire national economies to crumble, riots to break out, and worldwide chaos to ensure, the leaders of these nations were willing to fight over the last remaining Kyterian deposits to maintain order in their nations. Every country in Rakantal wanted to buy more time, but there simply was not enough resources to go around.

However… life in Rakantal was about to change…

Okay, as you can tell, Nation A is Lamac, Nation B is Nazmarc, and Nation C is Janzek. Also, we’ve established our motives as to why these nations are fighting. All of these nations are desperate, and Lamac doesn’t want to share because they feel the minerals are in their borders.

At the end of a horrific series of battles, the Kyterian deposits had been won by Nazmarc and Janzek. However, Lamac, in their bitter frustration, decided to launch their ultimatum weapons, the White Neutralizer bombs, weapons that would affect the armies and civilians of Nazmarc and Janzek on a nationwide scale. These bombs were expected to turn the humans of both of these countries into Pokémon that would lose all their memories and experiences, and be rendered neutralized.

The first part of the strike had worked, but unlike how they predicted, these new Pokémon still had their memories as humans. Furious at the audacity of Lamac, the enraged leaders of Nazmarc and Janzek ordered a vicious, biological viral strike on Lamac as revenge for their war crimes. However, fighting fire with fire never solved anything…

…Lamac was reduced to a post-apocalyptic ruins. The survivors were the unfortunate ones, who were mutated into twisted, ravaging, and bestial mutants. However, the sinful act of these Nazmarc and Janzek leaders was punished by rebellion groups who found their actions deplorable. But in the end, Lamac was now a nightmarish wasteland, and Nazmarc and Janzek were left in disarray as the once human Pokémon were left to live in cities meant for humans. All of them never got over the loss of their humanity, still feeling the need to wear at least some form of clothing.

However, this was only the beginning of their nightmares…

And so that concludes how Lamac got screwed up into being a horrific wasteland of mutants, and it builds up to how Nazmarc and Janzek became two nations of what will later be called “Tainted” Pokémon. It also explains why Lamac launched the bombs, and how Nazmarc and Janzek aggressively responded at Lamac’s audacity. Now that the human war has ended in a lose-lose situation, so begins the new war that takes place between the Pure and the Tainted.

It wasn’t long until some of the natural wild Pokémon of Rakantal found the remnants and aftermath of the human war that left countless numbers of humans as Pokémon. These wild Pokémon decided these new and unnatural Pokémon were a taint upon the land, and had to be eliminated. These wild Pokémon called themselves the “Pure” while those that had once been human were considered the “Tainted.” The ones known as the Tainted found it hard to bring themselves to use Pokémon attacks and moves, instead trying to rely on using human weapons whenever possible, though in many cases, they could no longer handle them. Unprepared and inexperienced as Pokémon, the Tainted found themselves often at the mercy of the Pure…

…and no mercy was given.

And here’s how the new war gets established. Again, cliffhangers and tense, gripping sentences really help bring out the effect that you want your RP to have.


The Pures traveled far and wide to recruit Pokémon to fight and eliminate the Tainted, using propaganda to condemn them as foreign invaders and byproducts of the human vice known as “science.” This new faction of angry “Pures” was called “Cleansing Fire,” and their wild and violent fervor forced many Pokémon that would have liked to remain neutral in the whole matter to have to comply with the murderous genocide.

Since not all of the “Pures” are going to be allied with the Pures that want to kill off the Tainted, we’re giving the murderous Pures the faction name to separate them. And if you haven’t guessed already, yeah, Cleansing Fire is very Nazi-ish.

However, there were still many Pures that absolutely refused to join Cleansing Fire, thinking that in time, the ones Cleansing Fire referred to as the Tainted would eventually integrate themselves into the society of Pokémon peacefully. However, Cleansing Fire declared war on them as well, calling all Pures that didn’t follow their cause to be “Traitors of Nature.” While many Pure Pokémon had been alienated this way, it still didn’t stop the reign of Cleansing Fire as they tortured and brutally murdered the Tainted, ridiculing them for their weakness and attachment to the human society they used to have.

Realistically, the Kyral colony wouldn’t be completely alone in their efforts to try and save the Tainted. However, them getting help would be rare, and all the while, the Kyral Pokémon would be facing prosecution. At the same time, every second lost means more innocent lives. Without a doubt, the pressure is on.

It wasn’t long until several members of Cleansing Fire came upon the Kyral colony and discovered the seemingly forgotten society of Pichus, Pikachus, and Raichus. Blinded by their ravaging hatred, they demanded that they see the chieftain Raichu. Sakan, the current leader of the Kyral colony, approached the visitors with the same hospitality that Kyral had given to guests in the past. However, the members of Cleansing Fire would not return the favor…

They had explained the situation to Sakan, and that new, foreign Pokémon that used to be humans now infested the lands, and that they should be eliminated and killed so that none of their taint would infest and corrupt the natural balance. However, Sakan shook his head, feeling that even though the humans may have brought an end to their society, they shouldn’t be punished with such brutality. Instead, he felt they should approach the once-human Pokémon and help them get their lives back together.

The Cleansing Fire emissaries, losing their patience with Sakan, demanded that he surrender his strongest and most capable warriors to the Cleansing Fire cause. By now, the argument had escalated, and already many of the other members of the Kyral colony were looking on with worry. However, Sakan still refused to aid such a brutal and barbaric cause.

In front of the entire colony, Sakan was struck down and killed, and the entire Kyral colony was branded as Traitors of Nature. Many of the colony’s inhabitants fled in frantic retreat as the Cleansing Fire warriors ransacked, pillaged, and burned the colony to the ground.

Okay, so as you can tell, we’re making this situation a LOT more dire than before. Doing this will not only help bring out more storyline elements, but it will push the RP characters to have stronger motives. Here, the Kyral colony, which has always been at peace, has now been thrown into ruin as Cleansing Fire brutally murders the Raichu chieftain Sakan in cold blood, forcing the entire colony to have to retreat and abandon the peaceful lives they once had.

Think about it. Now when someone makes a character for this RP, not only does the goal of fulfilling the prophecy come into play, but so will need to avenge Sakan’s death, protect the ones called the Tainted, and bring the Cleansing Fire cause to an end. That’s a whopping four goals that can be achieved in this RP, giving this RP much more possible longevity. Not to mention the events will have a profound effect on the characters that are created.

However, after barely managing to escape the brutal raiding of their ancestral home, the surviving members of the Kyral colony gathered as one nomadic tribe. But, it wasn’t long until the sacred texts of Kadesh were consulted once again as many of the homeless Kyral Pokémon begged for his guidance in such a horrific time…

…and at that dark and seemingly hopeless moment… Kadesh had answered in a once-enigmatic and misunderstood story left behind with the prophecy...

Again, try to make the integration of your ideas enticing to the people reading it. People like the kind of “hope’s last candle in a sea of darkness” theme, so use it if and when you can.

It was then that an army of darkness would descend upon Kyral, but they would show no fear, no hesitation, and no sorrow. For it is the denizens of Kyral that will show resilience even to the coldest agents of death. Alas Kyral has always been about fostering the peace, the truth, and the light… not only for Kyral, but for all living things, both big and small. The blood of honor and charity ran through their veins.

And it would be then that the Guild of Salvation would be formed with members from each of the six clans. For they would go as far as Lamac, find the Desert of the Midnight Sun, and the Guild would find the Oasis of Light to perform the Honor Prayer. For they would go as far as Nazmarc to the Valley of Ivory Stars, and the Guild would find the Circle of Hope to perform the Rising Prayer. For they would go as far as Janzek to the Lake of Dreams and find the Spring of Eternity to perform the Thanksgiving Prayer. Once these events had come to pass, the world, torn by strife and hatred, would be renewed by the Miracle of Balance. The Day upon when hatred, violence, and pain would die would become the new dawn not only for our beloved of Kyral, but for all.

For the longest time, they had believed that Kyral would never face such dangers, but now, they had seen that these events were beginning to unfold. In a time when it seemed hope was lost, several of the members of the Kyral colony decided to form the Guild of Salvation and follow the words and guidance of their ancient ancestor Kadesh, and hope that through following his teaching, they might be able to stop the nightmare before there is nothing left…

Now, as a member of the Guild of Salvation, its up to you to begin the journey around the world in hopes of finding the lost and forgotten answer to a savage and bloody war gone so brutally out of control…

Okay, so I made a few tiny adjustments with the prophecy passage. Now, when it seems like no solution is at hand, the answer has always been there, but they never understood it until now.

Also, closing off the storyline passage in the RP in second person (targeting the reader as if they’re involved) helps them to feel they’re really deeply involved with the situation thinking in terms of their character.