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Default Re: Role Play Rules, Standards, and Creation Guides

Some Great Extras (the cherry on top)

Okay, these aren’t totally necessary, but they can help make a good RP a great RP. Right now, our Kyral colony RP idea could work and is playable. But here are things that can help it even more and give it that special flavor.

The Six Clans – Okay, so according to the Kyral Prophecy of the Guild of Salvation, at least one member of each of the six clans needs to be around to do the “Prayers” correctly. To make the situation more interesting, let’s have our RPers be able to choose what Kyral Clan their character belongs to. Not only that, but I left out the part where each member of the Kyral colony get a power. Let’s have their power based on what Clan they belong to. So we can use these six as a basis to work with:
  • Lightbringer – The clerical healers of the Kyral colony, the Lightbringer Clan members are able to heal wounds, repair broken bones, and remove deadly poisons. Meanwhile, as they are blessed with the light, they are able to illuminate dark passage ways and use their power of light to blind enemies.
  • Skychaser – The Skychasers are members of the Kyral colony that were actually born with a pair of feather wings, able to fly and use the power of wind. However, physical blows hurt them more as their bones are hollowed to allow for flight. Have the same attacks and weaknesses as flying Pokémon.
  • Blazefury – Members of the Blazefury Clan are able to outrun even a Rapidash, moving with swift agility and dexterity. Meanwhile, they have some control over fire (able to do small fire attacks like Ember and Fire Spin, but nothing like Flamethrower or Fire Blast) and have full resistance to flames. They can essentially take a bath in lava and laugh off Fire Blasts like its nobody’s business.
  • Stormcaller – The Stormcaller members of the Kyral colony are the weather regulators, able to call in heat waves, blizzards, thunderstorms, typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on to affect a thirty mile area. Members of the Kyral colony will only be minimally affected by the weather changes (they might get wet from a hurricane, but they won’t get blown away).
  • Spiritseeker – Members of the Spiritseeker Clan have the same credentials as psychic Pokémon, able to use psychic attacks, use long-range telepathy, use telekinesis, read minds, use clairvoyance, and can send visions in the forms of dreams (allowing someone to see what they’ve seen). They also share the same strengths and weaknesses as psychic Pokémon.
  • Shadowmancer – Members of the Shadowmancer Clan are able to communicate with the dead, as well as “borrow” their memories. A Shadowmancer can find the corpse of a dead Pokémon and use their innate power in combination with direct contact with the corpse, they can learn and see things that the dead body once knew and saw in life. Meanwhile, Shadowmancers have the ability to bring life back to the dead, though anyone brought back from the dead this way will be in critical condition and will die again if they are not healed quickly (a Shadowmancer and a Lightbringer can raise someone back from the dead back to full health).

Always be extremely careful when you make powers like these, and ensure the powers don’t go overboard. You don’t want to give RPers so much power than they’re essentially unbeatable, because then things get pretty messy and boring. Here, most of these powers are based off of other Pokémon types. Lightbringers are not a problem because they’re there to make up for a lack of healing items. Skychasers aren’t bad, simply turning these Kyral characters into miniaturized versions of Zapdos, who even with the increased stats (which these characters won’t even have) is still pretty fallible. Blazefuries aren’t so bad either, since all you’re essentially doing is making the fire/electric types which still have a weakness with ground attacks. Stormcallers aren’t too bad since there are plenty of Pokémon that can modify the weather already in the form of Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sand Storm, and so on. A Raichu Stormcaller isn’t going to have much luck using a hurricane against enemies that are water types. However, combining a tornado and his own electric attacks will help give him an edge… at least until he faces some rock and ground types that won’t be affected by either. Spiritseekers are essentially electric/psychic, which isn’t a problem either since psychic Pokémon already have most of those features anyway. Meanwhile, the Shadowmancers are more of an experiment. However, having the ability to learn and see what someone else saw could be helpful when dealing with the enemy. Meanwhile, the raise dead ability really helps if one of the RPs gets into a tight spot, or they badly need the help of a dead NPC. So basically, with these in mind, this is a pretty safe but likable power setup. Remember, you want each power to have the same kind of attraction and to be balanced out. Otherwise you’re going to have everyone pick the same thing.

Some powers that would be a disaster to use might be something like these:

Legends: – “I summon Jirachi and wish that all my enemies will die!” Yeah… legends are messy, especially some of the more powerful ones.
Time Control/Travel: – Generally, messing with time flow in an RP is a bad idea, because not everyone will be on the same page. RPer A may be in the past while RPer B is still in the present. How does that work if RPer A is affecting things that would have affected the current era of RPer B?
Transformation into ridiculous things: – Giving someone the power to transform into a 100 foot tall dragon or twenty-headed hydra can make things get very ridiculous really fast.
Massive, terrain shaping power: – You might not think it, but giving the power of raising mountains and stuff like that is pretty hefty stuff. Raise a mountain right up out of a city and you’re looking at one dead city.

Remember, if a normal, non-legendary Pokémon can do it, its generally okay. Don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box (like with the Shadowmancers). Just tread lightly.

With the presence of these powers and clans, you present a new situation where RPers will need to work together to make sure at least six RPers, each controlling a character from a different clan, will make it to the site to do the ritual prayer. If everyone’s RPing Blazefuries or Stormcallers, you’re not going to be able to get very far!

Maps – Maps are especially helpful if you’re dealing with a world setting that doesn’t have a map for it already. If your RP is going to feature Johto, Kanto, or places like that, then you don’t need a map since they exist already. However, if you’re making a whole new world, make a map and give people something to use as reference. The more detailed the map, the more vivid and realistic the setting becomes.

In this RP, we’d basically have Nation A, the post-apocalyptic wasteland that the Kyral members will need to go through in order to do Part 1 of 3, the Honor Prayer at the Oasis of Light. Here, they have the challenge to navigate through fallen human cities and fight against mutated abominations that used to be humans and other Pokémon. For the sake of the RP, it shouldn’t be super-fast and easy. Sure, the Skychasers might be able to fly there, but they need five other members from the other clans to be able to do the ritual in the first place. Meanwhile, to do the other two rituals, they need to head to Nation B and C, which are in the middle of a savage war. Without a doubt, the Kyral members sooner or later might get pulled into the fight, or at least the crossfire. Remember that the Pure Pokémon flagged them as traitors. Also, the Tainted Pokémon might not trust them either, seeing them as “those savage Pures” that have been harassing them since they existed.

In the end, its an RP that requires teamwork, communication, and creative strategy.

Okay, so basically these are the kinds of methods that I use to make an RP. If you break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces, its much easier to think about how you want to design it. Leave the tying together parts for last, don’t try to tie everything together in strict sequence. I’ve tried it and it gets messy, or at least to me it does.