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Default Re: Role Play Rules, Standards, and Creation Guides


I show you how I take a bunch of relatively simple ideas, weave them together, and make one of those kinds of RPs that I get all kinds of complements for.

Beginning (the single scoop of vanilla)

Using the ice cream sundae analogy, I’m going to let my first scoop of vanilla (RP idea with no conflict) be the situation in italic below.

A small colony of Pichus, Pikachus, and Raichus secluded away from other Pokémon and human societies.

Okay, so technically you could have an RP based on this alone where everyone decides whether to role play a Pichu, a Pikachu, or a Raichu living in this solitary society. But that’s your boring single vanilla scoop “sundae” right there. Sure, it may be fun for a little while, but there’s nothing to really drive the RP. There’s no pressure to do anything. Heck, you could RP a Pikachu that does nothing but sleep in a hammock all day and well, that works because there’s nothing to really drive him or anyone else to do anything. Life is a-okay. Everything is peaceful, happy, and life couldn’t be better.

And though it pains me to admit it… peace is… well, kind of boring. If you want a successful RP going, then you’ve got to give your RPers some kind of goal and something to focus their attention. So let’s add some more stuff and give these electric rodents something to do… and sweat about!

SPECIAL NOTE: When you make your first scoop, you’re also making your setting. You need to decide if this is Earth, the Pokémon world, some Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world, some other planet, and so on. You also decide on the time period and the technology level. Remember that these will make it easier to implement some ideas and harder to implement others. If you make the RP happen in the future, then it makes sense for there to be robots, ultra-powerful computers, and so on. If its happening in the past, then these things will seem out of place. However, things like blades, swords, and crossbows which would have been a bit out of place in a futuristic RP are generally welcome now.

Note that if you can get the gears turning, you actually could have it make sense for things that would seem out of line for a time period to be in there. I have seen robots in settings that were in medieval fantasy games, but they’re very rare and for good reason. You could also have a futuristic sword in a sci-fi setting. Just look at the lightsabers in Star Wars.

Crisis and Conflict (the cookies n’ cream second scoop)

This is going to be our first conflict situation (or scoop). Believe it or not, there’s another one coming up, but I’ll get to that later. And so, here it is in italics below.

Humans have been locked in a violent war that has ravaged many cities and has resulted in the death of many people. One of these countries (we’ll work on naming things later) decides to go over the edge and use a dishonorable weapon to bring the war to an end.

Okay, simply after reading that, you may notice that this has nothing to do with the Chu colony. Well, how the two are connected can come later. As for how I came up with the idea that makes the “cookies n’ cream” scoop, in a lot of movies and video games, you’ll see this is actually quite a common occurrence where one country or faction does something really ridiculous, such as using nukes, biological weapons, and that kind of thing. So, we’ll expand on this idea a bit.

The “over the edge” nation (Nation A) decides to use a “White Neutralizer” bomb, a weapon they feel would ethically neutralize and pacify Nation B and Nation C by turning all of their inhabitants into Pokémon while forcing them to forget about their nation’s cause.

So, how did I come up with this idea now? Well, arguably, it’s a PMD concept, even though the whole idea of transforming people into Pokémon was devised LONG before PMD came out. However, it’s the idea that most people associate with when it comes to this very popular theme.

Adding Extra Plot Features (giving the cookies n’ cream scoop some chocolate fudge)

Well, right now we have the Chu colony aspect, and the whole human war with Nation A turning everyone in Nation B and C into Pokémon. Right now, its pretty clear the idea is really unfinished, so we’re going to keep going with it. However, I’m not even going to try and connect the two just yet. You’ll see it later.

Anyway, what I’m going to add in here is a plot device that will affect the conflict and make things a little sweeter and more interesting (like chocolate fudge). See for yourself:

The White Neutralizer bombs work, but to a degree. They transform the inhabitants of Nation B and C into Pokémon, but unlike Nation A’s predictions, these Pokémon still have their human memories and understanding. To Nation A’s shock, Nation B and C launch a biological virus warfare retaliation against Nation A, decimating most of the area to ruins. The few survivors are mutated by the catastrophic biological weapons into horrific, bloodthirsty monsters.

Okay, so it’s a little morbid, I know. You’ll never see the Pokémon series or games do this kind of thing, which is a letdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a few decent RPs out of it settings that would have gotten a T for Teen or an M for Mature with an ESRB rating on the game cover. As for how I got this idea, well, the same kind of theme is in the Terminator series, Fallout games, Resident Evil series, and that kind of thing. As before, all of these concepts are pretty basic alone, but when you add them all and tie it together, your idea will look very original even if it utilizes basic, done-already concepts.

So, basically what we have now is Nation A is now in ruins, swarming with mutants, danger, and death. Nation B and C are full of angry humans gone Pokémon. Meanwhile, somewhere is a Chu colony that has no idea that any of this just happened.

Adding Extra Plot Features (giving the vanilla scoop some sprinkles)

Okay, setting the whole human/Pokémon war aside, we’re going to go back to the whole Chu colony idea and make it a little more interesting. You’ll see why I’m returning to this now and why I didn’t approach it before.

For hundreds of years, the Kyral colony (Chu colony with a name) has existed in peace within the peace and beauty of Versais Forest. Kadesh, a soothsayer Raichu, founded the Kyral colony at the base of an ancient, natural fountain in Lake Jykali. Kadesh knew that over time, this special fountain would bestow gifts of blessing and power to his descendants which would grow stronger by each generation. However, because the fountain was a strict secret, he avoided all contact with the outside world of Pokémon and humans. For hundreds of years, these electric rodents changed slightly as time went on due to the fountain’s gifts.

Basically, it explains why when you RP as one of these Kyral Pichus, Pikachus, or Raichus, you’ll have a nifty little power to make things interesting. It also makes it clear that this power didn’t just “happen” out of random. So, these are the ingredients that make your character special in a way. And they’re going to need it.

So, how did I come up with the whole Kyral/Kadesh/fountain idea? Its hard to point the finger on one particular idea, but a lot of this is a combination of fantasy based concepts. I’d have to say this is more of an original idea of mine, but concepts like the fountain of youth, Kung Fu Panda, and that kind of thing can somewhat relate to this.

And guess what? We’re adding in a third scoop. Behold!

Another Conflict (Adding in a third scoop of chocolate ice cream)

Scoop #3 actually is what ties Scoop #1 and #2 together. How? You’ll see how. Details below.

The human turned Pokémon of Nation B and C are finding themselves in conflict with the native Pokémon of their own lands, being called derogatory names like “The Tainted” while the native Pokémon consider themselves to be “The Pure.” The Pure Pokémon wage a new war against the Tainted, believing they are unnatural and should be eliminated.

To separate the two, the Tainted are Pokémon that were once humans. They feel very uncomfortable without having clothing of some kind on them, even if its simply a ribbon or a towel wrapped around their waist. Pure Pokémon often ridicule them for this, often stripping them of their garments before killing them.

Okay, they’re not linked just yet but I’m getting to that. This idea puts a new conflict into place. Nation A is a dangerous, mutant-infested wasteland, and Nation B and C are filled with Pokémon at war, a deadly battle between the Pure, who are trying to exercise their supreme authority over the Tainted because they feel they are unnatural abominations, while the Tainted are simply trying to defend themselves. Obviously, the Kyral colony is somewhere in Nation B or C… or else it would have been nuked pretty much.

How did I come up with this idea? Well, this is more of a matter of finding common ground to link ideas with. Naturally, native, “Pure” Pokémon could view the “Tainted” as foreign invaders, and this does naturally happen with wildlife on Earth sometimes. Meanwhile, the unnatural Tainted Pokémon are on the desperate side, many of them unsure of what to do or how to fight like the Pure Pokémon can. So, now we’re going to link the Kyral colony with this new crisis.

Adding Extra Plot Features (the whipped cream that ties it all together)

And here goes:

In their recruitment search, several Pure Pokémon stumble upon the Kyral colony, a peaceful and neutral colony of Pichus, Pikachus, and Raichus, also Pokémon that could be considered “Pure” and ripe for recruitment. The army of Pure Pokémon descends upon them, pressuring them to join the cause, or be labeled as “Traitors of Nature,” the derogatory name given to native Pokémon that sympathized with the Tainted and tried to offer them refuge and haven.

There was some silence as the members of the Kyral colony suddenly recalled one of the ancient prophecies that was told throughout the generations that had lived in the colony…

It was then that army of darkness would descend upon Kyral, but they would show no fear, no hesitation, and no sorrow. For Kyral has always been about fostering the peace, the truth, and the light… not only for Kyral, but for all living things, both big and small.

And it would be then that the Guild of Salvation would be formed with one member from each of the six clans. For they would go as far as [Nation A], find the Desert of the Midnight Sun, and the Guild would find the Oasis of Light to perform the Honor Prayer. For they would go as far as [Nation B] to the Valley of Ivory Stars, and the Guild would find the Circle of Hope to perform the Rising Prayer. For they would go as far as [Nation C] to the Lake of Dreams and find the Spring of Eternity to perform the Thanksgiving Prayer. Once these events had come to pass, the world, torn by strife and hatred, would be renewed by the Miracle of Balance. The Day upon when hatred, violence, and pain would die would become the new dawn not only for our beloved of Kyral, but for all.

It was then that these Pichus, Pikachus, and Raichus realized that these events that were prophesied many years ago were on the brink of coming to pass. However, to reject the invitation of the Pure Pokémon would brand them as traitors.

However, the Kyral members had retreated, abandoning their ancestral home in hopes that the Guild of Salvation might be formed among the brave and willing members of the Kyral colony. It is now up to them to travel across the world to fulfill the ancient text’s requests while abominations and the vengeful “Pure” hunt them down, unaware of what the forgotten Kyral intend to do…

I won’t deny, tying events together like this is NOT an easy job, and it requires a lot of creativity and thought. You could ask me where I got these ideas from, but I have to say, these ideas would only work in this context. A lot of it comes into play through trying to find common ground with these ideas and making them relate to each other to make a situation that challenges the RPers to act and think creatively.

Prophecies, dreams, visions, and other kinds of supernatural revelations are good for an RP of this context, but there are other ways to get it done. If you’re looking for means of tying things together without so much fictional stuff, you could have conspiracies and wrongful assumptions, though these are just a tiny few suggestions of possible means that you could use to tie ideas together in unison. However, be extremely careful at this step of the RP creation. You don’t want to make the whole thing sound weird and feel awkward to work with.

So now, compare the original “vanilla scoop” with what’s here. Instead of having a bunch of sleepy electric rodents, they now have to go across the world to fulfill an ancient prophecy while being pursued by savage, bloodthirsty enemies so that they may have the hope of restoring peace to a world so catastrophically ravaged by war. MUCH more interesting, eh?