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Default Re: A "retired" spriter's gallery

Originally Posted by shadowinfernape View Post
Interesting sprites you've got there!My favorite one has to be the voltorb exeggute recolor.
Thanks! I like that one, too. I'm not sure what inspired me to make it but I like the results!
Originally Posted by Quiet Camerupt View Post
I agree with Shadow about the voltorb/exeggcute fusion/recolour, looks very good. Although I don't understand why you hate the Marshtomp/Lugia so much, some shading is in the wrong place because of its position, but the fusion seems to look natural despite it being impractical. I also like the Kingdra/ Porygon-Z, simple but looks good.
I mainly hate the Lugia/Marshtomp creation because it's lazy.
Originally Posted by Hoshika View Post
why do you hate yourself so much
Lol, I don't. I just pointed out the flaws of some of my sprites. I also pointed out the good aspects of some of my sprites.
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