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Default Re: [COMIC] Jentoh Adventures

-=Guest Stars=-
Graceful Suicune

Name: Jesse
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Loud and and happy, but has a small case of angermanagment, loves his pokemon but hates to lose, is very obnoxious and generealy hates new people but will get along with others over time.
Preference: Both.
Trainer Title: Male Snowboarder from D/P/PT with the orange sweater thing.
Pokemon 1: (Main Pokemon, doesn't evolve) Skitty, no nickname, Female
Pokemon 2: Snorunt>Frosslass, no nickname, Female
Pokemon 3: Wailmer>Wailord, no nickname, Male
Pokemon 4: Poliwag>Politoad, no nickname, Male
Pokemon 5: Electrick>Manectric, no nickname, Male
Pokemon 6: SWablu> Altaria, no nickname, Female

Name: Grunt Halifax
Age: 18
Gender: Male
personality : He is Grumpy and antisocial, he hates everyone but himself. he treats his pokemon badly and uses them as a sort of slaves. but his pokemon loves him tough.
Trainer Title: Organization-X grunt
Pokemon 1: (Mightyena, Male )
Pokemon 2: (Hippowdown, Female )
Pokemon 3: (Metang, No gender )
Pokemon 4: (Yanmega, Male )
Pokemon 5: (Aerodactyl, Female )

Name: Greg
Age: 15
Gender: male
Personality: He is serious and always wants to do something.
Preference: battles
Trainer Title: Dragon tamer
Pokemon 1: Gible, Chomp, male
Pokemon 2: to be catched
Pokemon 3: to be catched
Pokemon 4: to be catched
Pokemon 5: to be catched
Pokemon 6: to be catched

Name: Tyson
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Cheerful, but easy to anger too. He gives all in battles, and train his pokemon's very hard, but he pushes himself as hard too.
Preference: Battles. He think contests is for girls.
Trainer Title: Can I choose a custom one? If I can then I want Blue's(Last Kanto gym leader from HGSS) hair but colored green and ace trainer(normal terrain) body with black clothes. If I can't get a custom one, then just stick with Ace trainer.
Pokemon 1: Yanma, Yuki, female
Pokemon 2: Anorith, Crey, male
Pokemon 3: Trapinch, Trinch, male
Pokemon 4: Sneasel, Blizzard, male
Pokemon 5: Beldum, Meta
Pokemon 6: Aron

Personality:Always cheerful supports his pokemon but also he is a smart battler but he constantly forgets things(lol).
Preference: Battles
Trainer Title: Bug catcher
Pokemon 1: Nincada
Pokemon 2: Mudkip
Pokemon 3: Silcoon
Pokemon 4: Ledyba
Pokemon 5: Caterpie
Pokemon 6: Totodile

Name: ??? (Marek)
Age: About 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Extremely quiet, only speaking when necessary. Prefers pokémon training over battles but never rejects a challenge and only gives out his real name when he discovers a trainer with exceptional talent.
Preference: (battles or contests) Battles and training, likes to watch contests for ideas of new techniques though
Trainer Title: (i.e. trainer sprite. ex: bug catcher. nothing before d/p or after hg/ss) D/P PI probably would work best.
Pokemon 1: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender) Gible, no nickname, male, stays as a Gible but has the moves and power of a fully grown Garchomp.
Pokemon 2: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender) Salamence, Sally, female, used mostly for flying but is used in double battles (if you have any)

Name: Aroura (Arow for short)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Trainer Title: Gym Leader (If possible) if not, then Pokemon Trainer
Personality: She is quite calm, kind, yet sensitive. She trains hard, and soe day wishes to be the Elite Four Champion. She gives berries to her Pokemon normally to keep them happy.
Pokemon 1: Charmander (Char) Male. Likes sour food.
Pokemon 2: Arcanine (Leo) female. Likes spicy food.
Pokemon 3: Eevee (Night) Male. Likes sweet food. (Soon to evolve into Espeon or Umbreon)
Pokemon 4: None.
Pokemon 5: None.
Pokemon 6: None.

Name: adric james (aj fo short)
Age: 14
Gender: male
Trainer Title: unova champion
Pokemon 1: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): blazakin shiny, male
Pokemon 2: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): blastiose, male
Pokemon 3: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): typhlosion, male
Pokemon 4: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): empolion, male
Pokemon 5: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): Butterfree, male
Pokemon 6: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): rare egg...

Name: Amy
Age: 15
Gender: female
Personality: bubbly
Preference: (battles or contests)
Trainer Title: something like
Pokemon 1: Piplup,Bubbles,female
Pokemon 2: chickorita,chiky,female
Pokemon 3: houndour,flames,male
Pokemon 4: None
Pokemon 5: None
Pokemon 6: None

Name: Anya
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Has a contagious kind of happy personality; like when you're around her, she could make you laugh for ten straight minutes! (exaggeration of course); makes friends easily; loves her pokemon to no end, (but not in a mary sue like fashion; those kind of people disgust me :P yuck) If she's ever sad, she tends to drag behind and kind if goes into a daze for a while
preference: She likes both, but tends to lean more towards the contests range
Trainer Title:basically just a regular trainer; but for the battle sprite (or like a sprite on a trainer card) the body style of Sinnoh gym leader Candace combined with a long-haired brunette.
Pokemon 1: Roserade; Sprintrose; Female
Pokemon 2: Ledian; Lady-An; Female
Pokemon 3: Rapidash; Striker; Male
Pokemon 4: Beautifly; Tifly; Female
Pokemon 5: Luxray; Joltiz; Male
Pokemon 6: Cherrim; Petal; female

Name: Holly
Age: 19
Gender: female
Personality: Loves to be organized and clean, hates to lose
Preference: Contests
Trainer Title: Cynthia's sprite from D/P/Pt
Pokemon 1: Shiny Milotic, female, level 45
Pokemon 2: Gardevoir, female, level 50
Pokemon 3:Rapidash, level 40, female
Pokemon 4: Butterfree, level 45, female
Pokemon 5: (to be caught later) Pidgeot, level 50, male
Pokemon 6: (to be caught later) Wigglytuff, level 50, male
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