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Default CASTING CALL: buttons

Hello Pokemon Trainers!

The PE2K Forum Staff is looking for skilled Graphic Artists!

We realize that our forum has a lot of different competitions, and so, we think those who win them should be allowed to proudly show off their victories. The staff worked together to develop the best way, and we think we've found it:

custom buttons.

But userbars aren't delivered by the stork, or Pelliper. So we're looking to YOU to make them! Ideally, we'd like a team of experienced artists to create userbars upon request from the staff for usage by contest winners.


As of now, the following list are needed. If multiples are created, we'll be choosing the best one. Buttons must be 88 wide x 31 tall. They need to have the contest name (and year/month), but no names! Anything else is up to you! Staff will post requests in here in the future, so if you're interesting, subscribing to the thread wouldn't be a bad idea.

Sprite of the Week
FF of the year 2010: chaptered fiction
FF of the year 2010: one-shot
FF of the year 2010: Creative writing
Member of the Month - Jan (or all the months, really)
ASB Trainer
ASB Referee
ASB Council
URPG Moderator

**Neo Pikachu

(now that we're moving away from custom ones, can we get these re-done without names?)

** Neko-chan

**Pokemon Trainer Sarah


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