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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Machamp
Game: Pokémon

B: Dynamic Punch; Basically a Falcon Punch rip off, but will stun if enemy uses shield

Up B: Sky Uppercut; Can't actually learn this in game, but basically punching upward similar to Mario

Forward B: Bullet Punch; A quick punch attack

Down B: Payback; Works like a counter, slower but lasts longer

Smashes: Punches for up and forward, down is Low Kick

Final Smash: Transforms into Ninja Machamp (see sig) Attack power and speed boosted but mostly regular attacks, somewhat difficult to control

Taunts: Flexes muscles while facing the screen (up), Punches rapidly (side), picks up a graveler out of the ground and lifts it with one arm (down)

How to Unlock: Collect all other pokémon brawlers (ex. if Lucario was just unlocked and that was the last one, so you fight Machamp as Lucario. If you fail you simply do the adventure etc. mode over with a pokemon) or 600 brawls
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