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Default 1. New Gameplay Mechanics, Moves, Items and Abilities (Part 2)

New Items
This generation has also brought a selection of competitively viable items to the fore, bringing new dynamics to the game. Click each link for more info including how to obtain the item, or here for a full list of new additions.

If the holder is capable of evolving, its Def and SpDef stats are raised by 50%.
This item has radically changed how viable NFE Pokemon can be in standard play, as all manner of defensive pokes become bulkier than their older brothers. For example Chansey with MoE can reach higher defensive stats than Blissey, and avoids several key OHKO and 2HKO boundries with this item. Similarly Porygon 2, an already great Pokemon in any tier, becomes an even more impressive staller. However this does come at the cost of HP, given that this stat is almost always higher as you move up the evolutionary chain, and access to something most walls would not be seen dead without- Leftovers.
Where MoE really shines is in the diminutive tier of Little Cup, where literally everything in the tier can make use of this item! A metagame dominated by offensive powerhouses in the previous gen, now a whole horde of pokes are capable of reaching equally high levels of defensive bulk.

Air Balloon
The holder is immune to Ground attacks until the are hit by an attack.
A very effective item for certain Pokemon, giving them extra options to switch in on or the ability to force an opponent to use a weaker attack while they set up.

Red Card
When the holder is hit by an attack, the holder must switch immediately (One use only).
An interesting item which can act as a one-time PHaze move that can save you from being swept if the opponent sets up on you. Alternatively you can force out the counter of your own setup sweeper while you build up your boosts.

Cell Battery and Absorb Bulb
If the holder is hit by an Electric (CB) or Water (AB) attack, their SpAtt (CB) or Attack (AB) stats are raised by one stage. Damage is not nullified. One use only.
A cool, if limited, way of receiving additional stat boosts. Mis-prediction can leave you crippled however, or you may never even encounter the correct attack to benefit from these items. They can be handy if there's no other options available, however.

Elemental Gems
Each type has its own respective gem. When the holder uses a move of that type, that move's power is increased by 50% (One use only).
These things are like the type-boosting plates from 4th gen, only decent. They provide a huge boost of power for the turn they're used. The aforementioned Flight Jewel and Acrobatics combo is especially lethal, because the item is removed before Acrobatics' damaged is calculated, making it stronger than Self-Destruct when used by a Flying type!

EV Wings
Each stat has its own respective wing. Each wing adds one EV to that stat.
While they have no effect as a hold item, the wing will revolutionise EV training because unlike vitamins, there is no cap on the amount you can use! On surface level, that means it's going to be a lot easier to EV train each poke if you have enough Feathers. But they have a whole new use that will revolutionise Ubers: You can now fully EV Arceus legally. Given that he's only available at level 100, he could only legally gain EVs though vitamins. Now that's no longer the case, The Original One's true potential can be accessed!

New Abilities
This is arguably the most exciting set of additions, as not only do they provide new ways for Pokemon to be used, they provide new ways for old Pokemon to be used, largely thanks to Dream World. And many of the 41 new abilities are very viable in a competitive situation. Clicking on each ability will take you to its Serebii page, where all Pokemon with each ability are found, or click here for a full list.

Sheer Force
All moves with a chance of having a secondary effect have 33% extra base power, but lose their secondary effect. Grants immunity to Life Orb Recoil.
A very potent ability. Between Life Orb and Sheer Force, a Pokemon can gain a 63% boost to all of its moves without any recoil. However, this ability only applies to moves which have a chance of inflicting it's secondary effect- moves with 100% certainty, or no effect at all, remain at their base power.

Prevents the use of Berries by the opponent.
Not really of any use in standard play, but very handy in Little Cup where large percentages of the metagame carry berries as standard. Blocking their recovery can be very useful.

For each stage the opponent lowers your Pokemon's stat, it gains two stages to its attack stat. Doesn't apply to self-induced drops.
Potentially a very handy ability. Watch as your opponents attempts to cripple you begin to make you stronger, even Intimidate users leave you at +1 rather than -1. Quite situational, but can leave you in a very good position if you're lucky.

Multi Scale
When at 100% HP, this Pokemon receives 50% damage from any attack.
A huge ability for the two Pokemon that can learn it- Dragonite and Lugia. As it gets more and more overshadowed with every generation, Dragonite finally gets a chance to shine it it's only niche, that of a Bulky Dragon. He can even survive decent powered Ice Beams with ease using this ability, allowing him ample time to set up. The same goes for Lugia, who has arguably the best defensive stat line in the entire game. Better still, they both have access to Roost, giving them the opportunity to abuse this ability multiple times per game.

Toxic Boost/Heat Rampage
When this Pokemon is poisoned/burnt, their attack(PR)/special attack(HR) stat is raised 50%
New ways to abuse the Status Orbs become available this gen, specifically in the form of non-Guts stat boosts. It's also the first time a status affliction will ever raise your SpAtt.

Whenever this Pokemon uses it's held berry, this berry is made available again at the end of the turn.
Essentially, this is infinite berries. Unlimited status immunity? Strap on a Lum. For every turn you spend under 25% HP, you gain a Pinch Berry Boost. A very nice ability indeed.

Sudden Impulse
At the end of each turn, this Pokemon increases one stat by two stages, and decreases one stat by one stage.
Behold, the first ability to ever be banned to the Uber tier. You are looking at the ability that allows Bidoof to sweep even the most prepared team. This ability, combined with Substitute and Protect, allows almost any user to get to +6 in any number of stats, with no skill whatsoever. You won't be seeing this ability outside of Ubers, and it looks to have set a trend that Drizzle and Drought are soon to follow (See: Analysis of Old Threats in Each Metagame).

This Pokemon is immune to weather damage.
A nice ability that increases survivability, something that can be of great use in beating sand or hail stall teams.

This Pokemon restores 33% of its max HP each time it switches out.
A great ability for bulky pokes, now even those with no recovery moves can have huge longevity. It's an especially great gift for Ho-oh, which counteracts its crippling Stealth Rock weakness to some degree.

Sand Throw
This Pokemon's speed is doubled during Sandstorm.
The sandy equivalent to Swift Swim, offensive SS teams are becoming a lot more viable this generation.

Miracle Skin
Status moves only have a 50% chance of affecting this Pokemon, if they hit.
A nice utility move in the same vein as Shed Skin, added protection from status is always a bonus. It has no effect on the secondary effects of moves like Thunderbolt, however.

If this Pokemon moves last, it's attacks become 30% stronger.
A great boon to slower pokes who gain the equivalent of a Life Orb boost without recoil or sacrificing their item slot.

This Pokemon will appear identical to the last Pokemon in your party until it is hit by an attack.
A great way of playing mind games with your opponent, or forcing them to switch in pokes you can easily KO or set up upon. It starts to become less useful as the game progresses, however, as the opponent will be able to identify your pokes by their HP gauge.

This Pokemon ignore the effects of the opponent's Safeguard, Reflect or Light Screen.
A nice ability that can hamper baton pass chains as you attack their Pokemon unfazed, although the majority of the users of this ability have superior options for most circumstances.

When another Pokemon makes contact with this Pokemon, it's ability becomes Mummy.
A very interesting ability that can strip an opponent's of it's own (Until they switch out, at least). Can easily cripple Pokemon using weather to sweep or its ability to protect against status. Another daring strategy is to "infect" an opponent with Mummy, then have Slaking switch in and hit it with Pursuit, shedding its own crippling ability. Aakeosu and Regigigas can try similar plans as well.

Each time this Pokemon KO's an opponent, it receives one attack stage.
Once a Pokemon gets going with this ability, it can become incredibly hard to stop. If it can get a regular boost in or revenge kill a weakened opponent, it will continue getting stronger and stronger. It doesn't help that two of the best users of this ability are the Dragon Dancing menaces Salamence and Gyarados, either.

Justice Heart
This Pokemon's attack is raised by one stage if hit by a Dark type move.
A nice way of nabbing free boosts, considering every user of this ability (aside from the Arcanine line) resists Dark.

Magic Bounce
All non damaging moves aimed at this Pokemon are automatically reflected back at their user:
-Entry Hazards (Spikes, Stealth Rock etc)
-Stat Lowering Moves (Growl, Screech etc)
-Status Moves (Thunder Wave, Spore etc)
-"Volatile Status" (These moves here)
This is arguably the best ability in the game. Not only is the Pokemon completely immune to all of these things, they are actively used against the opponent at the same time. They try and set up hazards? Enjoy your Spikes? Brelom using Spore? Watch it drift of to sleep. This move has almost limitless utility.

This Pokemon's attack is raised by one stage when his by a Grass type move.
Another nice way of gaining stat boosts in the same vein as Heart of Justice.

All of this Pokemon's non-damaging attacks receive +1 priority.
Second in line (in my opinion) to the title of "best ability in the game", this can turn any status move into an ever-present danger. Sweepers boosts will count for nothing if they get paralysed or burnt before they even get a chance to move. Throwing out Substitutes becomes increasingly frustrating when there's no way of getting in before them, especially when couple with the priority Leech Seed of Elfuun (See: Analysis of Newly Introduced Threats). Pokemon with this ability have all manner of ways of crippling anything you care to name.

Sand Force
Ground, Rock and Steel attacks from this Pokemon are 50% stronger during sandstorm
Just as Rain and Sun boost certain attacks, now sand can too, and a larger variety at that. Now in sand both halves of the classic QuakeEdge combination are boosted.

This Pokemon's attacks are unaffected by the opponent's ability.
The signature abilities of the version Mascots, these abilities prevent the opponent's attempts to wall their attacks by absorbing them with their own abilities. As mentioned before, this is most useful for Reshiram whose dual STAB will never be resisted by any Pokemon Game Freak ever make, unless a new type is added that simultaneously resists both attacks.

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