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Default A "retired" spriter's gallery

Hey, everyone. I'm back after a very long time, and after several years of isolated periods of sprite art. I'm here to showcase the best and the worst of my artwork over the years. Feel free to leave comments, CC, etc., but I won't be able to do much with the CC, as I'm not sure if I even want to start spriting again. Anyway, I'm going to begin at an appropriate place-- the beginning.

This was my 1st sprite. A young man (if 12 year olds count as "young men") with username NutriSweet joined Pe2k in 2007. That was, of course, me. After ordering several sprites in sprite shops, I decided to give it a try. This horrendous sprite was my first effort. While it was bad, it got me started on an upward path of less terrible sprites.

This sprite, while uninspired, was not blatantly horrible. It was my 2nd sprite and my 1st fusion, so I am now surprised at how I was able to make it look like it could actually be a Pokemon. However, it was not indicative of what was to come, as several unbelievably awful sprites were to follow.

However, I would like to begin with a recolor which, while not the best ever, isn't terrible. I think it looks interesting. This began a chain of "cotton candy" sprites which I offered in my sprite shop on PE2k. They were fairly easy to make and the product always looked somewhat interesting. By the way, this was my 7th sprite.

The 8th sprite, on the other hand, probably qualifies for worst sprite I've ever made. I seriously don't think I've ever done anything more uninspired, choppy and lazy in my life. If I ever do get back into spriting I hope nothing like this happens again.

It was followed by another bad sprite. My 9th sprite was later remade in my days at PC. This version is pretty bad... the border isn't even recolored. I find this personally embarrassing, to be honest.

My 13th sprite started a short wave of minimalist sprites. There's not much to say about this one. I personally don't like that I started doing these-- cheap ways to earn orders on my sprite shop. Anyone can erase.

And then there's this thing... I don't know what I was thinking. There's a better remake of my 27th sprite, just like there's a remake of my 9th sprite. I think the best way to make up for mistakes I've made in spriting is to remake the sprites.

And I just couldn't keep from making lazy, uninspired sprites. This 33rd sprite of mine ranks at #1 as the laziest sprite and also the most pointless sprite I've ever made. I seriously don't know why my customer didn't get mad at this.

However, things began to look up. This Xatu & Scizor combination was my 45th sprite. It's not amazing, but I think it's a lot better than many of the things I had previously put together. It's messy around the wings but I think it looks interesting either way.

What followed was a large number of really strange looking sprites. I think this fusion is cute, but it's nothing special. At least it helped me practice recoloring and fixing the shading on fusions, even if I couldn't manage to do the latter part right on my 47th sprite.

And then there's this thing. I don't know how to classify this. I can't tell if it's good, bad, or what. It is, however, scary. Seriously, have you ever seen anything more scary than my 50th sprite? Probably not.

And then something possessed me to do this. This thing is seriously ugly, especially for my 58th sprite. It's, once again, lazy and I don't want to look lazy anymore.

Things started to look a little north, though, as I went back to making the simplistic yet functional fusions that I saw occasionally in my first 50 sprites. This was my 65th sprite.

This is another pretty random sprite. I had a lot of fun with it, though. This was made when I was active on a small Invisionfree site and did all my spriting there. It's cute, but I would hope my 67th sprite would be better than that.

This doesn't make any sense. I think it's horribly ugly, but I'm not really sure why I wanted to make this happen in the first place. Cradily and Claydol aren't really compatible. This was my 74th sprite.

This was fun to make. I think the end result, while simple, is pretty. It may not be very creative for my 84th sprite, but I think it looks good either way.

I finally got my creative juices flowing in the making of my 88th sprite. I honestly don't know where I was at this point-- may have been at Pe2k or still on that Invisionfree board. I do remember showing it to some people on another site who thought it was bad because I used scratch parts, but I'm very proud of this sprite. I think it's one of my best ever.

I decided to dabble in some more creative recolors. This wasn't my best, but it was my first with experimenting with patterns. I think it looks cute. It was my 99th sprite.

To celebrate the joy of spriting, I recolored my 100th sprite many neo-pastel colors.

I also think this goes down as one of my best sprites. I know it's highly copy-paste oriented, but I still do like it. It's my 103rd sprite.

Shortly before I began showcasing my sprites on PC, I made this thing. It's a remake of that awful Blissey & Miltank mix from before, and I think it's highly improved. I think using Blissey as the base the first time was a stupid thing to do. This was my 112th sprite.

I then began spriting at PC under the name Mobile Tsk. This was my 116th sprite and one of the only ones I made at PC. I spent a good deal of time on it for a recolor, and I think it turned out pretty well.

My 117th sprite was also a remake. I think it's, while choppy in places, much better than the last one.

I decided to try my hand at reposes. This was Dragonair in one of Ekans' poses. I think it was good for my first repose and decent for my 121st sprite.

This was my 123rd sprite. I entered it in a Halloween contest at PC. Even though I didn't win anything, I did manage to scare a few people.

This is my 125th and final sprite. It was relatively fun to make. I think it looks better than the previous Dusclops mix I made, but it wasn't as scary so I didn't enter it in the Halloween contest.

So, what do you think? Should I start spriting again?
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