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eVERY SHINY i HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED always got away. My first shiny ever was a shiny cyndaquil in Gold. I never knew it was shiny. Thats the only one I ever had that never got away. In emerald, I found a shiny sableye in granite cave. I had no poke balls. Next in Fire red i found a shiny Pikachu in viridian forest. Critical hit and Fainted. The next shiny I found was a shiny glameow in Pearl. I also hit a critical hit. The next shiny was in HG. I never found one it platinum. In heart gold, I found a shiny hoothoot before you even GOT pokeballs! The next shiny was a shiny stantler in the safari zone. I was TERRIFIED that it would run away. I kept throwing bait and mud. I got 3 wiggles and i popped out and ran. Thats the last one I've seen. :((( I have bad luck
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