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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough

9. Nacrene (Shippou) City "Shippou is the Seven Treasures"
-When you first enter Shippou City, Cheren will show up and give you 3 Chesto Berries.
-Shippou City is an old-fashioned city with a museum as its man attraction.
-There is also a version-exclusive Grass-type trade. If you enter one of the buildings with stairs on the side, you'll meet a girl who will trade you a Cottonee (Monmen) for a Petilil (Churine; Black) and a Petilil for a Cottonee (White). This will help fill you Pokedex without trading over Wi-Fi.
-Head on over to the museum, which also houses the gym, believe it or not. But before you do, N will show up and give you a battle.

9.1 Pokemon Trainer N
-N has a lv13 Pidove, a lv13 Tympole (Otamaru is Japanese), and a lv13 Timburr (Dokkora in Japanese)
-Blitzle can easily take out Pidove and Tympole, and since Timburr has low Special Defense, Shock Wave from Blitzle can easily KO it too.

9.2 Nacrene Gym
-Nacrene Gym is full of Normal-types, so if you started with Tepig (should be Pignite by now), you'll have fun in this gym.
-The puzzle in this Gym is basic, but hard for those who can't read Japanese. What you do, is you get on the stools and read the books. This will eventually make two girls turn around. Go up and talk to them. They ask Yes-No questions. Answer them correctly and they will battle you. After you defeat School Kid Noriko, she'll step down from her stool. Walk on the stool, and you'll eventually uncover a switch, which makes the bookcases slide over and reveal a staircase, leading you to the Gym Leader, Aloe.

9.2.1 Trainers
-School Kid Yoshio - lv17 Patrat - Normal
-Scientist Satomi - lv17 Herdier (Haderia in Japanese) - Normal
-School Kid Noriko - lv15 Lillipup, lv15 Lillipup, lv15 Lillipup - Normal, Normal, and Normal

9.2.2 Gym Leader Aloe
-Aloe has a lv18 Herdier. It's moveset is Take Down, Bite, Get Even, and Leer. She also has a lv20 Watchog (Miruhoggu in Japanese). It's moveset is Leer, Get Even, Hypnosis, and Crunch.
-First up is Herdier. It's ability is Intimidate, and we all know what that does. It lowers your Pokemon's attack stat. It likes to use Take Down, which will KO any of your Pokemon with low defense.
-Her Watchog is stronger and faster. It likes to use Hypnosis, which makes you Pokemon fall asleep. If you attached the Chesto Berries that Cheren gave you to your Pokemon, you'll be fine unless it uses Hypnosis again. That would be the time to get out an Awakening.
-When you win, you'll receive your second badge: The Basic Badge! (epic name right?) And you'll also receive the TM for Gen Even.
-Suddenly, Kidachi, Aloe's husband, barges in and tells us to go back to the main part of the Museum. You'll see Team Plasma. They're interested in the Dragonite skeleton (This is the Unova region, where no previous generations' Pokemon can be obtained until the Nat. Dex, and yet there is a Dragonite skeleton here? Makes no sense.) With ninja-like speed, the skull of the Dragonite has been stolen!
-Head outside and Team Plasma is nowhere to be found. A new character comes up to Aloe, and introduces himself as Arti, the third Gym Leader. Bianca and Cheren also appear. Bianca gives you the Dowsing MCHN, then she and Cheren will head into the museum.
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