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Default Re: Original Lavender Town Music

You know, I actually saw a copy of that supposed "Pokemon Black" cartridge on eBay a couple of years ago. I just ignored anything that looked like a bootleg completely then, but if it was actually programmed that way I kind of wish I got it.

Anyway, both Bulbapedia and Glitch City Laboratories have noted the fact that the original Lavender Town music made use of higher tones, which can typically be heard by children, but not most other groups and could cause nausea/headaches/dizziness.

I have to admit, I'm curious, but even though I'm almost 16, I'm a girl (women can detect higher frequencies than men, usually) and I've always had very sensitive hearing to the point that I seem to pick up on sounds the majority of other people don't, so I'm unsure whether to take a listen...I'll tell you if I hear anything different about it.
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