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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)

Skye and Cryo Silvart

Skye was relieved when the pressure on his shield disappeared (and after Nova had assured him she was all right). The voice that asked him if he was all right came from...What was it...Luna? Yes, I believe that was her name. Sensing the danger was gone for the moment - although there were some remaining beasts to take out - he allowed the shield to drop, although he nearly jumped when Nova pinched him.

"Hey, Silvart. Eyes any better? A knight in shining armor has rescued us."

"I am well aware we have been rescued, Nova." Skye responded, although he shook his head. "And I am afraid not. My eyes are sharper than most, so it will take some time for my eyesight to return. Perhaps a day, if lucky." He kept his eyes closed, as there was no use exposing them to danger...Especially since he had to rely on touch and hearing. "What of the village? How is it faring?"

(Blarg. Not proud of this post. And FYI - if that was me instead of Skye, I would've forgotten everyone's names already XD)
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