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Default Re: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

The correct answer is that both sides are completely idiotic. The laid back "learning is fun, don't worry about grades" approach and the "GET THE F#CK BACK TO WORK" approach both fail. They are extremes. Extremes are always the worst choice.

The right approach to raising a child is a mix of strictness and laxness. Apply light pressure when necessary, to make sure that your kid is doing all their homework and studying for an hour a night. Likewise, encourage them to pursue a wide range of study to become well rounded, as Doodlebob mentioned. But don't push them too hard or too far. Learning does need to be enjoyable. It helps for a child to pay attention, stimulate the mind, and understand the information. And it's just as rounding to have them play sports as it is to have them play cello (sidebar: I hated the cello), plus if they're able to go out and experience the world, it will give them a far greater depth of ability than to sit at a desk studying half their life.

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