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Cool Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Yarn Kirby

B: Yarn whip
Kirby launches his whip forward and grabs the opponent, then carries them. This could lead to some Yarn Kirbycides.

Up B: Yarn Parachute
Kirby jumps off a Waddle Dee, then parachutes down. Sort of a combo of Sonic's recovery, and Peach's.

Forward B: Car
Kirby turns into a car(think Wario Bike)

Down B: Yarn Weight
Similar to Kirby's Down B. Only cloned move.

FINAL SMASH: Kirby combines with Prince Fluff and they turn into a gigantic tank. Fires missiles and punches(punches are slanted depending on directional input, missiles have to be controlled).

How to unlock: Defeat all Dreamland characters 3 times, then beat Kirby in the Subspace Emissary.
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