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Default Re: How come Ash doesnt catch more Pokemon?

I think the way Ash does things is more realistic. It would be really hard to train around 25 pokemon within a region and still make sure they are up to snuff for an actual battle. At least with 5 (not counting Pikachu) he can make sure that these guys are powerful and can handle being in a league competition. It seems like now Ash wants to focus on just a small amount then getting a huge bunch because he wants to be able to get to know them and bring out their full potential. If he did that with a whole bunch of them then it would take forever for him to get all eight badges.

It is like the old saying goes, "Don't spread the butter too thin" or something like that. Ash prefer to have at least six strong pokemon instead of 20ish okay pokemon. Ash has in a way grew up from that mentality and realize that it best to just have a good small bunch of strong pokemon.
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