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Default Re: Individual RP: Jokester Jesse

Ranger Rusty Anderson
Mt. Deckbi

"I guess that's one way to find a digging Pokemon," I smiled.

Walrein's massive body pushed off of its flippers, somehow lifting off the ground. I knelt down, knowing that nobody was safe from Earthquake's blast, but then I realized that Jesse didn't know exactly how much damage he might end up doing here!

"Look out you fool!" I shouted, rushing towards the trainer.

I dove, just as Walrein's body smashed the ground. Thanks to my efforts, I was able to spear the trainer, knocking him off the ground. I turned so that my back was over the earth, when the Earthquake's shockwave hit. Large chunks of the hot ground shot up, sending pelting some small rocks at me back. I hit the ground, knocking over a hefty rock, causing me to drop my trainer. Luckily, we had both escaped the attack with minimal damage, but the battlefield wasn't as fortunate. Large chunks of rocks were splintered everywhere, and the volcanic pressure from Mt. Deckbi sent large pillars of steam erupting from deep cracks.

"This battlefield just got a lot more hectic," I said, "be careful not to hit the steam, and don't use Earthquake again, unless you want to cause a rock slide."

I looked at the crumbled battlefield again, and noticed a large brown snout emerging from the earth. Hippopatas dug its way from the earth, its body covered in bruises from Walrein's crushing attack. The Hippo Pokemon showed a hint of quit in its eyes, but the state of the battlefield left it trapped, so it had no choice but to attack. It opened its gaping mouth, and began dashing towards the fat walrus Pokemon. Given the size of Hippopatas mouth, Crunch would be a painful attack.

Trainer Stats

Name: Jesse
Money: $4000
Bag: 6 Park Balls, 3 Hyper Balls, 5 Super Potions
Remaining Encounters: 13

Pokemon: Gallade(M/Modest/Steadfast)
Walrein(F/Calm/Thick Fat){Out of Ball} - 82.1%

Current Battle: Jesse's Walrein - 82.1%
Last Used: Earthquake


Wild Hippopatas(?/Sandstream/Lax) - 59.3%(Speed-1)
Last Used: Dig
Currently Using: Crunch

Current Encounter: Hippopatas(?/Sandstream/Lax, Speed-1)
MCR: 9,000
Progress: 6,833/9,000

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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