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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)

(Really quick - gotta go to bed. Wasn't on yesterday because internet was out. And Metal, keep an eye on how powerful Morgoth is...I don't want him getting any stronger than he is now, at least not until more orbs are destroyed. Which will be difficult, mind you.)

Skye and Cryo Silvart

Shinto sighed, glancing at Blitz. "Blitz, forget the barrier. Take care of this fire." The Shinolf gave a gruff "huff", turning around and aiming - but before he could even take down the perimeter barrier, a blast of light magic completely vanquished the dark fire on the hut, and the one who had been responsible - a snow leopard - was sitting dazed on the ground. "Or...Not. I suppose that will work as well." Shinto was surprised, obviously, but he could only shake his head a little. "Always trying to show off! Kids these days. Using more energy then it is worth."

As Skye was also blinded by this light - his sensitive eyes making it extremely painful - he caught himself from falling, smacking his blade into the side of a monster's head and sending it toppling over stunned. But even more pressing was the scream he had heard, and blind as he may have been, his hearing was more than enough to lead him to the source. He put up a barrier of light around himself and Nova (although he didn't know it was her at the moment) and the barrier was a little big, as he couldn't judge distance well right now.

"Are you okay? What happened? I am afraid that burst of light has blinded me right now, so if we have met before, I apologize..." He winced a little bit as that same monster, he was sure, slashed at the barrier, but Skye's will made it so that it would not falter. Any gashes on the pink translucent bubble healed instantly, and the monster was harming itself just by hitting the light energy...Although it too was healing just as quickly. And Skye couldn't use his spear either, exposing perhaps the one fatal flaw of the Spear of Herutsu;

It either served as a weapon or shield. Not both.

Aaaaand...Maybe standing next to a thatched hut that had previously been on fire wasn't the best idea. Although, if more dark fire was shot at it, his shield would block it. Even if Morgoth attacked them directly, with the spear or his own power, Skye was confident it would not fall. He had to be - it derived most of its strength from his will. It it faltered, the barrier would as well...And he'd rather not get a dose of dark magic - or matter - in any case.
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