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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< Chapter Fifty-One is Up!

“As it is, Groudon would not be able to perform such a task; she, along with Kyogre, are the closest of the legendaries to becoming Rogues. That is why the weather around the world has been this abnormal.” She said ominously before continuing. “As for Reiki...All Monogatari Karei are incredibly difficult to defeat, and he is no exception.” The Glaceon stated. “Arceus created us with the purpose of keeping the legendary Pokemon out of the hands of individuals with evil desires. Before we even became worthy of our races’ title, we had to undergo many different trials; one of which included an all-out clash against many of the legends themselves.” Even as they continued down the tunnel, it was noteworthy to observe that the magma – despite its distance from Naomi – had a thin layer of frost covering it.

“Is there any way to reverse it? To stop them from becoming Rogues? It’s not too late – they aren’t completely consumed by darkness yet.” Cami gave a low growl. “And doesn’t Reiki have any weaknesses? Why would they let him become so powerful – didn’t they sense the evil within his heart?”

Sonic was more interested in the weather anomalies. “I noticed how things were getting out of whack. I’ve gotten caught in some of those storms – they weren’t natural, that’s for sure. They felt very...Well, wrong. Almost dark, even. It made my fur stand on edge, and I got out of there as fast as I could. As you’ve no doubt found out, I’m the worst when it comes to handling dark energy. I don’t want to get anywhere near them.” He glanced around. “If there was any way I could help Groudon and Kyogre, I would...But I’m only Sonic the Hedgehog. I can’t do everything, unlike what some believe.”

Naomi remained silent for a few moments. “We – Mitsumae and I – stopped Reiki before; the issue is that some individuals are particularly hard to keep dead. As for Kyogre, Groudon and the other legendaries...The only way to reverse the Rogues’ transition is to restore the Jitsuzai Tower.” She glanced at them. “I have no doubt Shadow told you of the consequences that would occur if it was not repaired.”

Before Cami could speak, Sonic mimicked her worry. “So are all legendaries – like Heatran – destined to become Rogues? That hardly seems fair. And what will happen to those who are connected to forces such as the Chaos Emeralds, like Shadow? He informed us that time is collapsing, and then space will as well – which means the emeralds will be thrown into – ironically enough – chaos. And then the dimensions will fall...And everything will end.” He cocked his head. “Well, it makes sense...If the very thing the emeralds help govern over collapses, the items will as well. And whatever else was connected to them – like Chaos – will collapse as well.”

The Glaceon nodded slightly. “If the Time Gears, Emeralds, Etai Orbs and Urahara Shards are destroyed, the legendary Pokemon will be able to help keep the balance – albeit quite shakily due to the tower’s eventual collapse – but only for a relatively small amount of time before they go berserk as well and destroy themselves. It has been speculated that the longest they can go without doing so is about two millennia; while it may seem like a very long time, it is merely the blink of an eye to those who would live forever.”

“But what about Shadow and others who are connected to the Chaos Emeralds, but aren’t legendaries? What will happen to them?” Cami urged, sensing Naomi was darting around the question. “You didn’t answer clearly on that part...Why?” She felt Sonic place a hand on her head, as if urging her to relax and trying his best to comfort her.

The Ice Type was silent for a few moments before she answered Cami’s question. “...If they have been connected to the Chaos Emeralds their entire lives – like Shadow has – it is more than likely that such individuals will be driven insane by the sudden deprivation of energy.” She said flatly, a grim tone to her voice.

Halting in her tracks, the magma lion’s mouth dropped. “Wait...So he’s going to go crazy...? But...He can’t! He’s the most stable person I’ve ever met – aside from memory loss occasionally – he’s too smart for that!” Sonic gave a sudden yelp as her anger and worry made her forget to make her magma ‘friendly’, and he fell off clutching his arm, as it had been resting in her fiery mane beforehand. Thankfully, the shield protecting them only flickered briefly but remained strong, too ingrained into the back of her mind to falter completely.

The Glaceon glanced at Cami as she stopped walking, taking note of the blue hedgehog’s burn and healing it before she spoke to her. “Perhaps. However, you have to keep in mind that this is what we are going to prevent.”

“How...How can you be so calm, Naomi?” Cami whimpered, still clearly worried while Sonic checked over his arm. He made a punch, jabbing the lion in the side as if to reprimand her for burning him, although he quickly hid behind the Glaceon when she uttered a growl in response. He may be largely death resistant, but he knew better than to push his luck with any women!

“We are meant to keep calm under most, if not all, circumstances due to the repercussion of what could happen if our emotions became out of control.” Naomi stated. “If one who has powers loses control over their emotions, the loss of control over their powers soon follows. The consequence for such an event among my race is catastrophic, for we have the ability to utterly decimate an entire continent when we are at full power.”

Cami nodded slowly, absorbing the information. “Loss of control...Like what happened to Nazo in the desert, according to Shadow,” she glanced at Sonic, “or when you are consumed by anger and hatred. I haven’t forgotten how you tried to kill me.”

“Hey, I said I was sorry!” Sonic retorted, keeping Naomi in between himself and the Huwing. “But, yeah, you are right about that. It’s never pretty when I lose my temper, so you should be glad I don’t! It wasn’t very fun.” He redirected his attention to the Glaceon. “So, I take it you aren’t at full power right now?”

A faint spark of amusement was in the Ice Type’s eyes as she replied. “Not even remotely close to it. However, you should be thankful Reiki was not at full power either. As it is, he left quickly for good reason...” Her eyes then narrowed slightly. “He knows that I will not hesitate for a moment to kill him if the opportunity arises.”

“I see. And if he wasn’t at full power...” Sonic shook his head, becoming serious once more and slightly desperate. “We don’t stand a chance.” His voice was oddly flat, and Cami questioned if he was giving up. “Giving up?” Sonic stated thoughtfully. “Yes and no. It’s true I’m no match for him with only my speed...But if I train hard, I’m sure I can get a lot stronger than I am already.”

Naomi was silent for a few moments before she spoke. “Perhaps...” She glanced at Cami. “You recall the trio known as the Legendary Beasts who aided you and the others in driving off Dialga and Palkia, correct?”

Cami nodded. “I recall Heatran naming the fire legend ‘Entei’, but I don’t remember the names of the others. One controlled water, and another electricity...But that’s it. I was so caught up in protecting my village I didn’t have time to take names.” She raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“The Beast of Water is known as Suicune, and the Beast of Lightning is known as Raikou. Sonic has said he is willing to train to become stronger, and I think one of them may be able to help him.” She glanced at the blue hedgehog. “The question would be is which would you prefer? The ability to command water or lightning?”

Sonic seemed thoughtful. “Well, I don’t have the Chaos powers Shadow naturally has, so I don’t think I’d be that compatible with electricity. And as much as I hate water...Reiki tried to use that weakness against me, so if I turned it into a strength...I’d think it’d work better. But really, I think I could learn wind better than anything else,” and he grinned, “because the wind always follows me.”

A faint tint of amusement was in the Glaceon’s eyes as she spoke. “Suicune may be a Water Type as well as a legendary no less, however, she is also known as the incarnation of the North Wind; she can summon up hurricane-worthy air currents within a matter of seconds.”

“Heh, maybe you should make that tornado-worthy. They have faster winds than hurricanes, you know.” He noticed Cami’s glance. “What? I wanted a thrill once...” She shook her head in disbelief, but was silently laughing. “Anyways...I’d love to meet Suicune. If she’s an incarnation of the North Wind like you say, it’ll be fun running around with her!” As it was, they all noticed that the Time Gear shrine was beginning to come into view, as was Heatran.

The legendary – along with Flayme – turned upon hearing them, and they soon emerged onto the cavern, where Cami was finally able to put down her shield. <Greetings, Naomi of the Ice.> He said, to which the Glaceon replied with her own greeting before he glanced at the others. <Welcome to all. I have successfully, along with Flayme’s help, prevented this sacred mountain from erupting. It is no longer a threat.> He glanced back at the Time gear. <You are collecting the Time Gears...The darkness closes in. Time ticks ever closer to stopping, space is beginning to spiral in on itself...Yet so far, the dimensions remain stable. I can sense Groudon and Kyogre’s losing battle against it.> Cami glanced at him with a worried look. <I am fine so far, but many others will not be. Be wary, for allies may be consumed by the black tide, and you could find yourself against an enemy you cannot defeat.>

“Hopefully this time, there will be no one to force Dialga, Palkia and Giratina to evolve.” The Glaceon stated. “If that occurs, it will only speed up the time freezes and the collapse of the Tower.” She padded her way towards the Time Gear until she was in front of the shrine that housed it, and her eyes narrowed slightly as they took on a white glow along with the relic. Nothing seemed to happen for a few moments, but then the light emnating from the Time Gear intensified before it simply vanished, leaving nothing in its place; but it was worthy to note that the relic around it had changed colour.

Instead of the cool blue-green sheen that normally lit up the markings, it had darkened to a light purple; something that would’ve interested Iyoku if he’d been here as well, for unlike the Time Gear shrine that had been under Latios’ guard, it would still be easy for any Aura user to sense that there was still energy radiating off of it. Therefore, it was quite clear time was still being regulated in the area despite the missing Time Gear.
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