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Default Re: Individual RP: Jokester Jesse

Walreins shot the sky blue ice beam from its face, when it soon collided with the Hippopotas landing a direct hit. Hippopotas lied on its back, in chambered in a cold block of ice.

"Looks like this might already be over," Anderson said, nodding. I looked at him and agreed. Hippopotas was frozen solid there was no way that it would break out that fast.

When suddenly four rocks shot out from under Hippopotas, obliterating the icy chamber it was bestowed in, Hippopotas has somehow had been able to perform a rock tomb inside of the ice causing the ice to shatter. I was amazed at how witty this Hippopotas was, The Rocks from the rock tomb then clamped on Walreins enormous body, the rocks must have caused a lot of pain because Walrein has let out a terribly loud screech. Before I could react, Hippopotas used its mouth to tear into the ground, hiding itself from view.

“Just stay calm," Anderson explained, "Hippopotas has to be around here somewhere..." he said trying to keep me calm.

“Alright, Walrein let’s get it with an Earthquake!” I shouted for this was the perfect opportunity to do some serious damage on the Walrien.
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