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Default Re: Why do Ash and his friends never recognize Team Rocket in their disguises?

Originally Posted by NES2 View Post
This. It's a spam bot designed to look like an actual posting user. Kill it with fire.
No matter, the member can be deleted, but since he/she has 42 posts, it points otherwise. But, the question still remains.

The fact is, a lot of things in the show could be stated as unbelievable and obvious. Like when Ash saw Ho-Oh on his first journey, it was obvious, but Ash did not figure it out. It added mystery, it added plot, it added somewhat of a story.

Anyway, about how Team Rocket. Well. You would be surprised how much of the Pokemon show's adventures stemmed from the trio's actions. It would be ludicrous to get rid of the comedic relief and the fillers. I mean, without them, the show would be utterly boring, which it has progressively gotten closer to.
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