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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

Admittedly, the series has changed...But the people who are designing the 'mon are changing too. People leave, people die, new people are brought in...Rinse and repeat.

They are different. But that shouldn't make them "bad". It's based purely on one's dislikes and likes. I love Ulgamoth (the fire/bug) and some of the new designs. Personally, I loved Hoenn - Aggron is my favorite.

I mean, I love games a lot of fans of a series hate (I'm looking at all the Sonic fans out there). I'm wary of Black and White, but I still preordered Black. I'm a little mad that Secret Power, Water Pulse, and Shock Wave aren't TMs anymore...And that there are no Move Tutors for regular pokemon like in the other games. That's a big no no.

But I'm looking forward to the graphics.
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