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Default Re: Winter Writing Competition '10

So this is how it's goint to work, guys. We have 29 stories, so this will be done in 6 rounds with five stories in the first five and four in the last. The way I pick the stories that go to each round is a simple random "pick random link on Word and copy+paste until I have five."

Again, you can vote even if your story is in the round; you will earn (+3) to your total score if you do. Read the stories and write short summaries for your top three stories. PM me with the summaries and your placings. Please, put your votes in this format, to make things easier:

1st = title


2nd = title


3rd = title


Without further ado...

Round 1!

- Poison Bite by sammy0295

- HeartFire and SoulSteel by Ash K.

- Illusions of the Moon by Bumblebee

- It's a Kind of Magic by DrStubbsberg

- Why can't I walk? by Timpeni

You have one week to read and send your votes to me. That is, you have until January 19th.

Good luck to all! :)

- Kat

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