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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

I've had this topic brought up once or twice, true the older games had something there but I have to say this as no one else is or will.
the ONLY reason that I can see GameFreak/TPCI doing the remakes that they have was 2 sided
1)to allow the past Gen a moment to catch up to the current DEX /lineup
2) to allow the graffix a nice boost/ facelift

other than those two reasons I myself would not spend any of my hard earned cash into any remakes
I look 4werd to the future and I say this lightly GEN V is way better than any of the older games by far -THO they could have made it a bit easier to navigate your items bag-
EX:I personally dig the superior manueverability of the HG/SS item bag 100%
in Black & White you can Xpect to navigate your bag the same manner as in D/P/Pt. scrolling down a list of infinite *hit.

Yes some of us are getting older. but thats life.. you Do or Dont then we die
No the games arent getting worse I actually love the animated sprites the new region there's still a night & day factor to the games & seasons isnt bad at all
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