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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

In all honesty, Pokemon isn't running out of ideas. We only say that because the designs aren't up to our expectations. Every single location, every region, every Pokemon, it's all based off of something. There is an entire WORLD that they haven't touched yet and probably are going to look into later on.

Their games haven't really suffered. The only bad ones I remember playing were Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Channel (in comparison to Hey You Pikachu, which I think Channel was to be a sequel of...)... and I think that may be it. Pokemon Battle Revolution is a weaker one, but I don't consider it terrible because of the new 3D models, the nice lighting in it, and the fact that Pokemon run up to each other now. However in comparison, it's a lacking game for a larger consul one.

Pokemon is still as great as ever. I love the fifth generation and I think a lot of the ideas are nice. They even made up for their lack of Bug Pokemon pretty nicely, giving us neat new creatures like Pendra, the centipede guy.

Pokemon isn't running out of ideas. Our expectations have just become too high.

That's my opinion anyways.

=^^= Nya
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