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Default Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

Now, It is possible that this has been a topic already discussed, but I
havnt visited for awhile and wouldnt mind peoples points of view,

The argument:
The reason why lots of people dislike the look of pokemon B&W is because
they have grown up with Pokemon and are now too old to appreciate how
great the new pokemon are.

I think personally that of course, we are getting older, but this doesnt mean
that the pokemon games arnt getting worse, because lets face it, they are.
However Pokemon games will always be around, and they will always have
fans, but they will probably lose a lot of fans that are into the old pokemon
games, which is why I think they keep re-making the old classics to draw
the old fans back into pokemon.
Of course the pokemon games are getting graphically better, and more
intresting and fun but the pokemon arn't as good as the old ones, I think
that they are running out of ideas, which is to be expected, but looking
through the list of pokemon and seeying an Icecream cone really put
realisation into my mind of how they are losing idea's and pokemon are
becoming more abstract and ugly.

Just my opinion, I havnt played Pokemon B&W yet so I shouldnt be
critisising it but I will surely play it and see what I think of it. Of which im
sure it will be a fine good game.

Whats your opinion on this subject, are pokemon getting worse or are
we just getting to old?

"if you close your eyes, you see darkness, but if you keep them
closed for long enough, you see light"

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