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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Ash stood before his rival, ready for battle. Cameron had made his comedic remarks, and cheered both Ash and Richie up about being pit against each other, but there was still fear on which would win. Ash tried to think about the current battle, but he constantly thought about his loss at the Indigo League. He could not stand it. Would he lose again?

"This battle will begin between the six trainers! This war-like scenario will teach trainers how to work together against other thinking foes!" announced the man who operated the battlefield. The field was a transparent glowing sheet of glass, that was unbreakable as demonstrated, "As you can see, this battlefield can scan the current positions and show statistics up on this large board!" he pointed up to the ceiling of the mall to show an enormous screen. Misty and Cameron both looked up quickly to see the screen at the dizzying height. "Non-trainers will be able to learn a thing or two today!"

The floor of the battlefield lit up in a blinding white for seven seconds, and then lit up into a green. All six trainers through out their Pokemon of choice. On Ash's side there stood a Pikachu, a Tyranitar, and a Scizzor. On Richie's side, Wheezing, Cleffairy, and Wigglytuff. Richie's side consisted of two very feminine girls, new at Pokemon training despite their age of fifteen. They giggled and complimented Richie and their foes. Ash's company however was made up of two other kids about his age, they were elite trainers.

"Let! This! Battle! Begin!" the operator yelled loudly.

A rush of commands happened next, with explosions erupting everywhere. Ash and his team seemed to have the upper hand.


Red and Popuri talked a while. Red felt... good. A rare occasion and not even Laura could believe how lively he was. There were several moments where he was like this, but only if it was Pokemon or battle related. But neither was very imminent, and yet he was in a pleasant mood. The group was still located in Sword. Red seemed to be attached to the darker submerged area of the city. They had met several friends, but one in particular seemed to get along with Red. A small boy named Indigo. They walked into a local diner under the water and met him. Popuri and Laura departed as both boys talked.

"So, you run a gang? You do not seem to be of the nature of crime," said Red.

"Oh, I never break the law. We just, live underground. There is a lot you do not know about me still."

"Yeah, I don't even know where you come from," replied Red.

"Please, why do we always start our conversations with this same banter. It isn't going to get you anywhere. Just accept that I am a good person and enjoy the company. Why do you always have to be so analytical?" asked Indigo.

"Eh, I just tend to have a hard time trusting people I do not know anything about."

"You know plenty. I told you that I fight for the freedom of Ordo."

"It seems plenty free to me."

"Yeah, seems... Enough. Let's eat. I will beat you at pool."

"All right. Nice to know that we are able to get through that more quickly now," laughed Red.


Explosions erupted all throughout the battle field. A trainer was down on Ash's side, his Scizzor completely exhausted, he stood there offering occasional shouts of encouragement.

The trainer with the Tyranitar, however, was absorbing hits with unbelievable fortitude. Its fangs were fearsome and large, its eyes were piercing, and its sheer size made it a monster. A shadily jaded monster.

"Tyranitar! Use Hyper Beam!" and there went a beam of energy ripping through the air with searing heat, causing a huge explosion beside the Wigglytuff, knocking it over. It yelled out, and the indirect hit caused it to faint. Richie's eyes shot over to the pitiful sight and looked back at Ash, "Come on Ash, you haven't really done anything!"

Ash took the bait, Pikachu performed a quick attack, lightning speed, and hit dead center on the Clefairy. Richie was alone.

Misty and Cameron watched in amazement. So quickly, it was two against one. It was not going well for Richie.
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