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Default Re: Individual RP: Xalapeno


This Ditto was a run of the mill sort of Ditto, spliced from a Ditto that had led the exact same kind of boring life where even a change in teatime was considered exciting. He/she/it had wandered the power plant for all it's life, adjusting its androgynous body to whatever stray Zubat or Shinx had crossed its path, and it was starting to fall into a kind of cyclical depression process when, suddenly, it saw the light.

Granted, said light was on the end of a dragon's butt, but that just made everything so much better. This was what it had been preparing its entire life for. This was power. This was what would get him into the big leagues, with the champion transformers. This was the chance it had been waiting for.

It was exhilarating.

The pseudo-Charizard breathed in deeply through its nostril's, sucking a few wisps of smoke back into its head in the process. The Ditto had known the sensation of smell before, but never as powerful as this. It beat its mighty wings fitfully. The plant was no longer a place for it; suddenly, unfamiliar instincts inside the dragon awoke, longing for the taste of open air. The Ditto flexed its powerful claws, bristling in agitation, sniffing out the way. There were...two humans, it could tell by the must, and some kind of pallid scent drifting insubstantially along, and...

An intruder. Another male. On its territory. The human, the farther one, was saying something, but the Ditto paid him no heed. It puffed up its chest, smoke curling out of its almost grinning mouth. Intimidation tactics. Standard procedure. Immediately, it was answered by a burst of flame. So, he wanted to pick a fight? The Ditto snarled, choosing to solve this dispute like any male of any kind would. Head on.

The false Charizard roared, leaping over Calvin in one bound, cracking the floor on impact, before lumbering forward. It was slow, but the flames issuing from its maw helped its case, tremendously. They were short-lived, though; this was merely more posturing, more attempts to scare the intruder away. The Ditto gulped in one huge breath of air and roared, face contorting as it tried to scare Fuego off.

Fuego flinched, but only slightly. The Scary Face had failed.

Calvin, who had dived for cover behind a fallen roof support, shouted above the din of the two Charizards summing each other up, "Remember what I said! That thing is heavy, it'll bring the whole building down if this gets too physical. The supports are stone, you can't burn them, but be careful."

Trainer Stats:
Trainer Name: Robert (Xalapeno)
Location: Abandoned Power Plant
Fuego (Charizard)- M/Serious/Blaze [Currently engaged in battle]
Jolty (Jolteon)- F/Jolly/Volt Absorb
Noche (Umbreon)- M/Docile/Synchronize
Items: 6x Park Balls, 3x HyperBalls, Camera
Encounters Remaining: 12
Pokemon Encountered: Zubat, Magneton, [Genderless ??? Ditto]
Pokemon Captured: None

Current Battle:
Fuego (Charizard)- 100% [Agitated]
Genderless ??? Ditto- 100% [In the form of Charizard, also agitated- failed Scary Face]
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