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Default Re: KOed a shiny :(

Originally Posted by ashkelon View Post
YEARS later in emerald I caught my second "wild" shiny. This hurts to even say it...

a... magicarp. Yes.
Why does it hurt to say it? xD I've heard plenty of people talk about how rare a Golden (shiny) Magikarp is, and how a very few people have caught it... You should be proud of yourself, since you are one of those people, who have caught it? :o

Anyway, my first shiny encounter was a Geodude in Pokémon FireRed. Didn't catch it though, because I didn't like its color, I preferred its normal color more, honestly. d: Also, I had only two PokeBalls with me (IIRC), for that reason, I knew I couldn't catch it, even if I tried... So I just ran away from it. xD