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Default Re: Pokemon FSJAL's

Originally Posted by Disco View Post
Not that I don't like these, I think they're sort of cute.

But, in my opinion, this isn't sprite-art. Perhaps if we could move this over to the Graphic Art board... Oekaki-like rendition isn't at all sprite-art, because we don't control the individual pixel.
But this /is/ a fun graphics project. I'm just saying.

In order to show I'm a good sport and I'm not trying to hate on these, here's a Gengar I hope I did it right.

It's pixel, though. I think graphic art is more for tags, icons, banners, large pieces... I mean, if I saw these there, I wouldn't think they're in the right place. Even fan-art... but then sprites are being posted in the images too, as refs. It's sorta sprite-based... but...


Ima do a load of these now. 8D



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