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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)

Luna and Nadia

Both Luna and Nadia's heads snapped up in unison at the scream and the sound of branches moving, Luna glanced up and spotted the snow leopard first. "I thought cats were supposed to be good tree climbers. Nadia is." She said smugly, the panther next to her frowned darkly.

"Luna! Be nice--he nearly fell out of the tree!" Nadia shot, sounding mortified at her companion's seeming lack of sympathy. "Are you okay? Like Luna said, I'm Nadia Dusk." Luna reached over and patted Nadia's head with a wide grin.

"Ah, come on, Nadi, you know I'm playing." Luna said, looking back up to Re. "But yeah, are you okay? Like Nadia said, I'm Luna. Luna Valentine." The fox offered before slipping her sheath over her head quickly and gently placing it on the ground. She seemed to examine the tree a moment before running at it and jumping, digging the claws on her front paws into the bark to form a handhold and easily pulled herself up to the tree branch Re was hanging from. She tested it a moment to see if it would hold both their weight and then darted along the branch, crouching down above Re and grabbing the back of his jacket to pull him up like he weighed nothing. If he though he was going to get a look up her skirtlike armor, a simple par of shorts stopped that. As soon as he was safely on the branch, Luna grinned and hopped off and landed easily on the ground below. Nadia just shook her head as Luna lifted the sheath back into place.

"Show-off. And why'd you leave him there?" Nadia asked, Luna shrugged.

"Felt like it." She replied, shrugging.

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