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Default Re: Why do you write?

I write because I love to tell stories. I've made up stories since before I could write, and back then I would draw pictures and have my parents write the words of the story. XD I wanted to learn to write as fast as possible so I could write my own stories. Since then, there hasn't been a single time in my life where I haven't been writing or thinking of stories. It's always been something I love and do all the time.

Only since the start of The Path of Destiny have I shared my stories with others, apart from occasionally my sister. Before, the main reason I wrote stories down was so that I could read them later and have a record of all the events that happened in the story (and occasionally to pretend they were real books XD). Now that I have some stories I'm sharing with others, I write them both for myself and for the people who read and enjoy them. Creating characters and stories is just something I've always loved to do, and it makes me pleasantly surprised to know that other people like reading them too.

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