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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)


Kratos raised an eyebrow as she spoke of the river. He knew of it; just about everyone knew of it. Most people were terrified of it and the things that it supposedly did to people. It didn't bother him much and he couldn't care less about it. To him it was just some whacked out river and nothing more. There was more to it supposedly but Kratos, at least for the moment, didn't really bother with such stories. That's all they were to him; just stories. The sort of thing that a group would sit around a campfire and tell; stories of great adventures...and...ultimately good triumphing over evil. They were all so naive! Good did not win every battle, let alone always overcome the evil.

"I think that the river makes a rather nice addition to this place. All this makes me sick! I like to see it dead, charred, and black. The world needs less of these living things. They're a nuisance to our existence. They slow us down! and they give people some sort of peace. I honestly don't know how but it's true and people don't deserve peace! No one deserves peace." It was clear that Kratos was getting rather angry. Fortunately for Astor, Kratos had a feeling that she wasn't one of those good people. He may be wrong but he had a hunch. That alone stopped him from attacking.

In order to get his anger in order he pulled out one of his yo-yo and began to send it up and down, just like any other yo-yo. Soon it was spinning fast enough that the blades were extended from the yo-yo. He swung it around above his head, slicing any trees that were within it's three foot arc. The blades sawed away at the threes until the tops of three of them dropped off, clean cut. Then he holstered his yo-yos, took a seat in front of Astor, and waited calmly for her response to his words, acting as if he hadn't done a thing.
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