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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)


If the tree had not been enough now there was someone bothering her. Finishing her food with a large bite and swallowing. She replied to the odd yellow tinted lynx “I was just looking around. That dark river can be a rather big addition to the landscape.” It's not like she was going to reveal what she was actually doing here not to some random stranger.

Slyly saying “And what are you doing here in these woods? Other then probably watching me get stuck in that tree.” This lynx obviously was not from around here at least she thought so. Her bow and arrows were within reach if he made a wrong move of attacking. There was her magic too but it always been a bother to use. Waiting for his reply while keeping an eye on him. The wind picked up a bit and as it did a leaf from the tree behind her slowly drifted down. Landing on her face and covering her eyes. Trees always did hate her and she hated them back. Grabbing the leaf off her face to see it was a maple leaf perfectly intact. Twirling it between her index and thumb she then remembered that the lynx was still there. Looking away from her distraction she stared intently at him. Thinking of all the options that she could do to get him to go away or not bother her. But none she really wanted to do right now either way.
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