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Default Re: Why do you write?

I write because it's a form of expressing oneself. A lot of my darker side can be put to good use through that art of both drawing and making stories. On top of that, I can't see how people wouldn't like to write them. Sure it takes time, but when accomplished you can create entire worlds, languages, religions, ways of life, all from your head.

For fanfictions, I love writing them because they give a new twist to an already set storyline. For my Mystery Dungeon story, Team 9 Lives, I don't follow the set storyline of the game. This leaves a whole world open for me to create as I wish.

For Plight of Mercury, I have built the fire type past just being a fire type. I love giving them more personality, more background and history. It's even fun when placing stereotypes, sayings, or even racism into the story because it creates a much more believable tale then just going,

"The Growlithe was a fire type Pokemon, a type that could burn you if not watched."

Sure it's true, a Growlithe could burn you, but that's all you're saying about it. You're just saying it's a fire type. Fanfictions just open the world for you and tend to be underestimated in terms of literature. People look down on them because yeah, the idea isn't 100% yours, but at least you're building up something that is.

Heck, if I wanted, I could turn Plight of Mercury into my own story 100% by just turning the fire type Pokemon into different races of fire dragons. xDD

That's why I write both fanfictions and non. it's a way to open something up, build on it, and express myself.

=^^= Nya
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