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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP} (Sign ups are open)

Nova Rowling

Nova was almost ready to stop pitying herself when someone ran up. A light blue hedgehog with unusual eyes had just run up. He seemed older than her, and not only in appearance, but in the eyes- something seemed almost ancient about them... She gave a tiny shake of her head to clear it. He had started talking, a little rapidly.

"I am Skye Silvart, and I noticed you took a fall. Are you all right? And if I may ask, why have you come to Inferno Valley? Surely you know the dangers of staying here... If you need help getting treatment, Blitz behind me will be able to carry you if you cannot walk."

It was about this time that Nova noticed the wolf thing standing behind him- Skye, she supposed. Before this point, she had been quite prepared with a volley of sarcastic comments, but the best she managed was an 'ummm'. He didn't seem to notice her staring in shock at the wolf and continued talking.

"Your wound is not that severe, thankfully. You should be able to walk on it rather quickly, if not already. Still, we should get it treated so it does not become infected. An unhealthy immune system around this place is begging for disaster..."

Nova's brain finally started working again. Okay, she told herself, it's not eating me. It's not eating him. So I'll worry about it later. She sighed as she looked into his eyes, purple-blue into green flecked with gold. It was very tempting to say something biting and extremely rude but he had just been trying to help, she supposed. She waved a hand dismissively. "Ehh, I'll be fine. Just a skinned knee." Without waiting for him to answer, she opened up her bag and pulled out a roll of white cloth bandage. Determined to prove she was capable of something besides falling over, she tied the bandages around her knee and inspected it. "It'll do for now," she finally said, rolling her pant leg down and tucking it back into her boot.

"So, you're Skye, huh?" She crossed her arms. "Nice to meet you." I guess. "I'm Nova Rowling." She balanced briefly on one leg, her good one, than placed it back down. Nope. Not bunny-hopping the way to the village.

It suddenly occurred to her that Skye had asked her why she had come. Why, indeed. "I came to ask some questions," she said evasively. "Mind walking me to the village?" Without waiting for an answer, she walked past him. Coming or not, she was going to village and getting the info she needed. If she didn't... Well, she'd worry about that later, but she predicted a lot of expletives in the near future.


Re froze suddenly. Did you hear that?

*Yee-ees...* Nimue seemed uncertain, then suddenly she seemed certain. *Yes. Re, hide, it's possible it could be one of those shadow beasts.*

Don't have to tell me twice. Re, with the agility of a cat, swung himself up into a nearby tree until he was up near the top.

*Was that wise? Your usual way of getting down from trees is falling.*

That was the one time.

*Oh, I'm sorry. What were the other times? Weren't you nearly shot out of a tree once?*

Garr, shut up, Nimue. Re paused as he looked down at the two below him. Two, a fox and a panther, both close to his age. Hey, neither of them were too bad looking... Actually, they were both kinda...

*Re.* Nimue sounded appalled.

Sorry, Re thought, without feeling very sorry at all. A grin crossed his face as his mind shifted gears. He had the perfect opening line already for the white-furred fox hefting the big sword. He opened his mouth to speak...

And immediately felt a electric shock run up his body. He let out a strangled cry and slipped off the branch he was sitting on. After tumbling for a moment, he grabbed onto a branch and was left dangling in midair.

*Smooth,* Nimue thought.

What was that for? He demanded, wishing that Nimue was a physical person so he could clobber her. This was rewarded with another shock, but Re gritted his teeth and ignored it.

*What you were about to say was really stupid, Re. She knows what she's doing. I can tell. Not to mention it was kind of rude.*

I know what I'm doing, OK?


Fine. Whatever. I'll be polite. If they don't kill me first. Re blew hair out of his eyes and looked down at the two below him. He'd let them speak first. There was no way they hadn't noticed him by now, anyway. Falling down a tree yelling and barely avoiding falling on top of people below him had a way of attracting attention.

((I will introduce Xenon eventually... And I leave it to your imagination for whatever Re was going to say. XD))

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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