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Default Re: Picture/Image Request Thread

I have three requests, please.

A tall girl who looks to be 13 with hair to about her waist. She has a T-shirt (I don't care what's on it) and bell-bottomed blue jeans over black button-up boots.

A 10-year-old boy with black hair and a blue shirt with a wave design, wearing black jeans (Or just shade it in with you're pensil, it'll work fine) and sneakers.

A short 17-year-old girl with anything, as long as it is not too girly.

All of these are for a Fanfic I am thinking of making, and my drawing sucks with a pensil and paper. Well, I suck at drawing humans. The other characters I am trasing off of something. I will give you full credit,and just so you know, the oldest is Trina, the middle is Manisa, and the boy is Justin, named after my little brother that I will never know.
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