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Default Re: Gold and Silver saves GONE on 1/1/11?

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
I cannot agree with you on the sturdiness. A lot of my old GBA game cartridges simply snapped in two. And believe me, my game cartridges are as "unabused" as a virgin.
That is strange. I've had just the opposite experience, and still had 40 or 50 original GB games and they still were pretty much pristine -- other than wear to the labels. I gave them and a "brand new" original "white" GB to my brother for Holiday this year.

I've got a clear-case (transparent) GB that I still use. I like to play the games on the consoles they were built for.

These have been the only ones I've had fail, and I know that they had for others because of the batteries even back like 2006 when I was around here more. I had just pretty much spaced it after they'd lasted so long.

One of my buddies came over and we replaced one battery, and it seems to be doing fine.

Don't think I'll do the others, just save off what's left on Stadium.