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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

We know who our informant is.

Who is it?

Some kid who ditched his old job. He went silent, but he claims he started his own gang to combat the enemy.


Yes, but I have a more important question. Where are they?

They are safe, there is no way they could be touched with that many around.

Good, they need to be. We cannot wait much longer, or the enemy will find the secret and learn of them.

They will be in Shield by next month.

Three more weeks? I will give you that long, but if we fail with their protection, we will need to improvise.

Roger, sir.


It had been a week since the Ash's group had been in Sword. It was culturally rich with European architecture and deep history. It had apparently been settled as a fortress city, like Shield, Warrior, and Knight.

The week they had been there, they also learned that the large and powerful Police Training Academy was located here. The academy was the largest in the world, taking up several blocks, the large school had thousands of officers and hundreds of reserves. Also operating there was the Secret Police headed by someone simply named The Looker. Cameron thought that name was priceless and riffed of it all the day they heard it and occasionally made a remark throughout the week. Each time he would make a joke about the subject, he always let out a giddy, healthy laugh.

Something else though, made Cameron worried. They also learned that the reason so many officers were here is they had a notorious amount of pickpockets. Because of this bit of information, Cameron constantly had his hands in his pockets. Ash goaded him and said, "Hay, watch out. Your pockets are missing."

Misty let out a lively, stifled laugh at the smart remark. Cameron, knowing full well that The Looker jokes were aggravating them, he continued on with his array of seemingly obscure puns, "I feel safe knowing he is Looking after my pockets!" and, "Watch out, he is Looking at you." Of course Cameron meant these in the only ways they would be funny to him, bathroom humor mostly, but Misty knew that he only kept doing it because he enjoyed annoying them. Ash looked angry by this time, and focused on Cameron.

"Will you stop it all ready?" he asked.

"Will you stop looking at me already?"

"That is it!" he yelled and he stormed off jokingly. However, apparently this time Cameron did not intend his question to be of comedic value and Cameron's puzzlement was quite amusing.

"What? What did I do?" he asked innocently.

Misty laughed the entire time. They then walked to a large shopping mall to hangout until supper time. The entrance to the mall was about three yards wide, with large glass automatic doors. The entrance was slightly dark with a brown tint. The floor tiles were black and the wall tiles were white and tan. The style seemed to be of the seventies era, as it seemed very unmatched. They walked past several vendors, which Misty wanted to stop by each time. So, Cameron and Ash talked for the time she was in the store.

"Don't you think they should make a store just for us guys to hangout in while girls shop?" asked Ash.

"It would be a great idea," replied Cameron.

"Maybe when we are older, we can open up that chain and become rich!" he laughed heartily.

Cameron was touched that Ash spoke of a time in his life where they would be aged adults and still know each other. It was nice to know that Ash regarded him that highly. Cameron replied, "We could name it the 'Dude Lounge.'"

"We'd make millions overnight."

"Yeah we would!"

Misty came out with new shoes on. They were green and matched her pale yellow shirt and short jeans. Ash confirmed half-heartedly that they were the most "marvelous" shoes, according to Misty. When she went back in the store to pay for them, Ash leaned over to Cameron and whispered, "I do not understand why she asks me about those things. I do not know anything about fashion."

Cameron shrugged his shoulders and put his hands back in his pockets. They walked down the people-crowded halls even further. They came across a very contested commons-area. In this area there was loud music playing, and many computers lined up. They were all flashing brightly with codes. In the center of the computer mass was a large battlefield where a battle ravaged. There were several trainers battling each other at once. Ash stood there watching the battles and immediately head over to the adult that seemed to run the game, "I want to enter."

"All right," he said, "I need you to fill out here, and here," once Ash had done that, he scanned it with Ash's Pokedex and said, "Okay, everything is in order. Your battle is next with several kids roughly the same age named: Richie," but Ash zoned while the man listed all the trainer's names.

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