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Default Re: Gold and Silver saves GONE on 1/1/11?

I'm a programmer and I also build and rebuild pc's, boards and other electronics, so I'm pretty much aware of that stuff.

The battery was the most likely culprit, but any board that's accompanied by a battery is able to ascertain more things than most people think.

While no game cartridge is used in a "clean room" environment, or darn few, I'd venture that mine are treated better than most, since I'm past the age of sticky fingers and throwing things at my brother. LOL

As far as functionality, the Nintendo carts and consoles are astonishingly sturdy. For years I was part of a project where we burnt ebooks into rom on carts and then sent a collection of carts and a couple origninal GBs or GBCs to remote parts of the world. Since they run on simple batteries, and you can pack a lot of ebook data (and the reader) on each cart -- combined with the high tolerance for environment they provided great "recycled" service in both desert and jungle environments.