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Default Re: Gold and Silver saves GONE on 1/1/11?

Originally Posted by ashkelon View Post
Oh, I actually had most of mine logged in a book I kept for the ones that were special, shinies, ones I bred with special move chains and how I got there (for the people who wouldn't believe it) LOL!

I will never forget evolving my espeon on a cross-country flight. I was cramming him with goodies and stuff, trying to get his happiness level up and suddenly noticed the time... Completely frantic!

And he evolved with less than 2 min's to spare. And everybody in first class on that flight wanted to know why I yelled! I was on my way to give a presentation in Dallas on the Java programming language, and later some of the people I presented to talked about the person on the flight yelling about pokemon...

Yeah, like that'd be ME. :D
I am glad you finally came to a conclusion concerning the untimely death of your Pokemon game. It would have been proud to know that you worked so tediously here on the forums to dig up an answer, and who knows? Somewhere up in the Pokemon Heaven, it can finally rest at peace knowing the cause of its expiration.

And you don't have to mistreat your game cartridge for the microchip inside to be damaged. Seriously, a small spec of dust could get wedged up in there and something could go wrong. That is how my Dragon Ball Z game died on me.
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