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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough

8. Route 3
-After you receive the Pal Pad from Fennel's aide and the C-Gear from Fennel herself, head out of her building, and head west onto Route 3.

8.1 Pokemon
Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Lillipup - Normal - 9 - 10% - All
Pidove - Normal\Flying - 8-11 - 40% - All
Purrloin - Dark - 9 - 10% - All
Blitzle - Electric - 8-11 - 40% - All
Audino - Normal - 8-11 - 100%* - All
*only available in shaking grass

This is the first time you'll encounter Pidove (Mamepato in Japanese) and Blitzle (Shimama in Japanese) so I suggest you capture both of them. They'll be useful in future Gym battles (hint hint).

8.2 Trainers
Twins Kumi&Rumi - lv10 Purrloin and lv10 Purrloin - Dark and Dark
Kindergarten Teacher - lv10 Lillipup and lv10 Munna - Normal and Psychic
Kindergartner Matsuri - lv10 Pansear - Fire
Kindergartner Ushio - lv10 Panpour - Water
Kindergartner Minoru - lv10 Pansage - Grass
Pokemon Breeder Tomomi - lv9 Patrat, lv9 Lillipup, and lv9 Pidove - Normal, Normal, and Normal\Flying

-There are two daycares here - one for children and one for Pokemon. Head west from here but when you go too far, Cheren will show up and battle you!

8.3 Rival Battle (Cheren)
-Cheren has a lv14 Snivy (if you chose Oshawott), lv14 Tepig (if you chose Snivy), lv14 Oshawott (if you chose Tepig) and he'll also have a lv12 Purrloin. His prize is 1200 Poke. He has the same Pokemon as last time, but a few levels higher. No new surprizes thank goodness.
-After you defeat his team, you'll have another encounter with two Team Plasma Grunts. Shortly after, you'll see Bianca and a little kid show up. Those two Plasma grunts apparently stole that kid's Pokemon. SO WE GIVE CHASE! Go after them (just follow the direction they were heading to) and you'll come across this cave. Talk to Cheren and head inside.

8.4 Underground Water Cave

8.4.1 Pokemon
Pokemon - Types - Levels - Rarity - Season
Woobat - Psychic/Flying - 10-13 - 50% - All
Roggenrola - Rock - 10-13 - 50% - All
Drilbur - Ground - 10-13 - 100%* - All
*only found in shaking dirt

-This is the first time you'll see a wild Woobat (Koromori in Japanese) and a wild Roggenrola (Dangoro in Japanese), so if you want to, catch them.

8.4.2 Trainers
Team Plasma Grunt - lv12 Patrat - Normal
Team Plasma Grunts - lv12 Patrat and lv12 Patrat - Normal and Normal
-You'll see the two Plasma Grunts. A battle will start. When you beat that Grunt, two more grunts will appear and you'll have a double battle. Your double battle partner - Cheren.
-Beat them and then leave. There is nothing else really to do except get TM46 which is Thief.

8.5 Route 3 Continuation

8.5.1 Pokemon
(Dark grass)
Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Lillipup - Normal - 11 - 10% - All
Pidove - Normal/Flying - 10-13 - 40% - All
Purrloin - Dark - 11 - 10% - All
Blitzle - Electric - 10-13% - All

8.5.2 Trainers
School Kid Al - lv13 Blitzle - Electric
School Kid Sawako - lv13 Woobat - Psychic/Flying
School Kid Mizuho - lv12 Patrat and lv12 Purrloin - Normal and Dark
School Kid Juhei - lv12 Pidove and lv12 Roggenrola - Normal/Flying and Rock

-The little kid from earlier (the one with Bianca) will thank you and give you 3 Heal Balls. Go south and you'll eventually see Cheren. He'll tell you that the darker grass that you'll see sometimes, that you may encounter two Pokemon at once. Those Pokemon tend to have higher levels then the normal Pokemon. Head east and go into Shippou City.
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