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Default Re: What was YOUR game of the year?

To be honest, I was not particularly impressed with this year's games. I do not like FPS what-so-ever so and CoD or even Halo or whatever else is automatically a no for me. I do on the other hand happen to love RTS. My vote goes to Starcraft II. Despite the fact that the new is an epic fail and Blizzard should not have released it. I loved the old; it was brilliant in it's simplicity to use and yet it gave you all you needed to play online. The new one is a pain; I can't find any of my old UMS games and I can't be bothered to page through all those games just to find what I'm looking for. They may not have even remade it in the first place. I honestly didn't play the game much at all but it was a release that I've been waiting for for so many years.
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