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Default {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP}

Sign Up Thread: Here
Discussion Thread: Here

1.) No god-modding, power-playing, etc.
2.) Be respectful to others!
3.) Please, no insanely powerful characters...Even the staff wielder will have weaknesses (I'm lookin' at you, Metal!)
4.) Rated PG-13 for blood, some language (no "S" or "F" bombs), some romance (No sex please @.@), and occasionally some gore, although I don't think it'll get too severe.
5.) Try to post at least a paragraph.
6.) Have fun!


Green eyes, specked with yellow mixed within, silently studied the river of viscous black water down below, the land distorted from the rain of altering matter that poured from the black hole in the burnt sky up above. It had been like this ever since the first orb had been destroyed five years ago, but the red sky was slowly spreading, as was the dark matter that poured from the ever widening rift. Why he had chosen to remain in the closest village to Inferno Valley, and constantly come up to the most heavily infected area, was simple.

In order to understand the effects of dark matter, it had to be studied. Unfortunately, this exposed him to the risk of becoming corrupted as well, but so far he had no symptoms, and planned to keep it that way. Of course, the river of dark matter below him caused the most interest, but his many attempts to figure it out - magic, overloading it, whatever - had all ended in failure. There had to be a way to convert dark matter back to ordinary matter, but whatever it was, he simply couldn't find or didn't have enough power.

While frustrating, he did not give up hope. He glanced at the large Shinolf beside him, the streak of yellow across its muzzle the only thing differing it from a normal one. "Yes Blitz. We should return home. We must help those who have become ill from this plague." The sky blue hedgehog proceeded to turn around on a dime, his companion following him down the rocky slope. I have no doubt others will be coming to investigate this disaster. I have already heard that many are losing their families because of this... He was a victim himself, but it was long before the rift had been opened. And I cannot shake this horrid feeling, either.
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