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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough

7. Abandoned Lot of Dreams

7.1 Pokemon
Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Patrat - Normal - 8-11 - 40% - All
Purrloin - Dark - 8-11 - 40% - All
Munna - Psychic - 8-10 - 20% - All
Audino - Normal - 8-11 - 95% - All

Items: Poke Ball, Repel, Potion, Parlyz Heal

7.2 Trainers
-Now you can finally get rid of the tree blocking the door. Use Cut to cut down the bush and head on it. But before you do, Bianca will show up. When you enter the Warehouse, you'll encounter a Munna and shortly after that, two Plasma Grunts. They start beating the Munna, so it's your job to stop them!
-Team Plasma Grunt M - lv10 Patrat - Normal
-Team Plasma Grunt F - lv10 Purrloin - Dark

7.3 Munna and Musharna
-After you defeat the grunts, Geechisu will show up and make the grunts leave. Shortly after, a Musharna appears. It appears to be Munna's mother. Fennel will also show up. I suggest catching a Munna and show it to Fennel so you can access the Dream World.
-Go back to Fennel's lab and she'll give you the C-Gear, which'll appear on the bottom screen. Her aide gives you a Pal Pad.
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