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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough

5. Route 2

5.1 Pokemon

Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Patrat - Normal - 4-7 - 40% - All
Lillipup - Normal - 4-7 40% - All
Purrloin - Dark - 4-7 - 20% - All
Audino - Normal - 4-7 - 100%* - All
*only found in shaking grass

Items: Potion, Potion, Poke Ball

5.2 Trainers

Youngster Kenta - lv7 Patrat - Normal
Lass Mari- lv7 Purrloin - Dark
Youngster Takahiro - lv7 Lillipup - Normal

When you exit the Karakusa Town/Route 2 gate, you'll receive a Xtransceiver call from your mom. When you exit the call, she'll be behind you. She'll give you a pair of running shoes (yay) so you can continue on your journey a little faster. Battle the trainers for EXP, and I also suggest battling every Wild Pokemon you come across for extra EXP.

5.3 Rival Battle (Bianca)
-Continue onward to the next town. But when you reach the town's edge, Bianca will show up and wants to battle you!
-She has a lv6 Lillipup and a lv7 Tepig (if you chose Pokabu), lv7 Tepig (if you chose Oshawott) lv7 Oshawott (if you chose Snivy)
-Her starter has learned it's first elemental move. The only thing different from the last battle are the levels and she added a Lillipup. Once you defeat her, head north to Striaton City.
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