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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough

3. Route 1
3.1 Pokemon

Pokemon - Type - Levels - Rarity - Season
Patrat - Normal - 2-4 - 50% - All
Lillipup - Normal - 2-4 - 50% - All
Audino - Normal - 2-4 - 100%* - All
*only found in shaking grass

3.2 Juniper's Demonstration
-This is the first route in the Unova region. You'll notice that the route numbers start over at one, similar to the Kanto region. Prof. Juniper will show you the "How To Catch A Pokemon" tutorial, using her lv7 Minccino (Chillarmy in Japanese) trying to catch a lv2 Patrat.
-If you're looking for a new Pokemon, Lillipup (Yooterii in Japanese) is a nice choice, 'cause it evolves twice, and the final stage can have the Pickup ability (yay!) and you can find some items and maybe even a Rare Candy! (Is is Halloween already? jk) Audino (Tabunne in Japanese) is rare, as you can only find it in shaking grass. If you talk to the girl further north, you'll get a free Potion. Isn't that nice? Search and battle for wild Pokemon, leveling up your starter and your other Pokemon to lv9 or lv10. You'll see why soon. Before reaching Karakusa Town, you'll meet Cheren and Bianca again and they'll show you how to use the Xtransceirver, via 4-way conversation with the three of you and Professor Juniper.
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