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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough

2. Kanoko Town "Town where various dots gather"
2.1 Starter selection
Snivy (Tsutaaja in Japanese)
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Base Stats: 45 HP, 45 ATK 55 DEF, 63 SPD, 45 SPATK, 55 SPDEF
Starting Moves: Tackle, Leer
Evolution Line: Snivy into Servine at lv17, Servine into Serperior at lv36

Snivy is based off of a vine snake. This smug little creature has high Speed and Defense, but mediocre stats in the other areas. It's type is weak to 4 of the 8 Gym Leaders (Fire, Bug, Flying, Ice), resistant against 2 (Electric, Ground) and supereffective against 1 (Ground). It learns mostly Grass and Normal moves, so it will have trouble against Steel-types.
Tepig (Pokabu in Japanese)
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Base Stats: 63 HP, 65 ATK, 45 SPD, 45 DEF, 45 SPATK, 45 SPDEF
Starting Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
Evolution Line: Tepig into Pignite at lv17, Pignite into Emboar at lv36

Tepig is a fire piggy (no, literally) who has excellent HP and Attack, but is somewhat slow. It is the only Unova starter that gains an extra type upon evolution. Pignite, it's first evolution, becomes Fire/Fighting. That means it's effective against 3 gyms (Normal, Bug, Ice) weak against 3 (Water, Ground, Flying) and resistant agains 2 (Bug, Ice). It can learn the Dark-type move Assurance and the Rock-type move Head Smash, besides the usual Normal, Fire, and Fighting moves.
Oshawott (Mijumaru in Japanese)
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Base Stats: 55 HP, 55 ATK, 45 DEF, 45 SPD, 63 SPATK, 45 SPDEF
Starting Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
Evolution Line: Oshawott into Dewott at lv17, Dewott into Samurott at lv36

Oshawott is a sea otter. It excells in Special Attack and it also has good HP and Attack as well. It is supereffective against 1 Gym (Ground), weak to 2 Gyms (Electric and Grass), and resistant to 1 gym (Ice). It's final evolution, Daikenki, can learn Megahorn.

2.2 Starter Difficulty
Snivy is the hardest starter, while Tepig is the easiest and Oshawott is in-between both.

2.3 Rival Battle (Bianca)
-Bianca will give you your very first battle in the game. If you started with Snivy, she will have a lv5 Oshawott. If you started with Tepig, she will have a lv5 Snivy. If you started with Oshawott, she will have a lv5 Tepig. In other words, she will choose the starter that is weak against yours.
-Her battle is extremely easy. Just keep using Tackle until her starter faints. After the battle, you'll notice how your room is trashed. Cheren will heal your Pokemon and Bianca's Pokemon so you can battle Cheren. (Her prize is 500 Poke)

2.4 Rival Battle (Cheren)
-Cheren will give you your second battle of the game. If you started with Snivy, he will have a lv5 Tepig. If you started with Tepig, he will have a lv5 Oshawott. If you started with Oshawott, he will have a lv5 Snivy. In other words, he will have the starter that your starter is weak to.
-This is another basic battle. Fight him the same way you did with Bianca. (His prize is 500 Poke)
After the battle, you and your rivals head downstairs and you'll see them talking to your mother. After they leave, your mother will come up to you and give you the Xtransceiver item. Once you gain control, head outside of your house and find Bianca's house. It is the house left of yours. Her father will not let her become a Pokemon Trainer, but she rebels against him. After you leave Bianca's house, head north to Professor Juniper's Lab. Walk in, and she'll talk to you about starting an adventure and she gives you a PokeDex. She will also give you the opportunity of nicknaming your Pokemon, which is optional. Head outside, and your mom will be waiting outside. She'll say some things and then she'll give you a Town Map. Follow the others to Route 1.
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