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Default Re: Sprite Requests (request sprites here or in a shop)

This is a serious request for a serious project: Ascension. It's an indie rpg with visual novel influences.

This is a project with talented people working on it including, character artists, a music composer, programmer, eventer and writers.

You can visit the project at:
There already has been launched a demo, you can download it at the website.

Here is an overview of the project:

Now i'm looking for someone who wants to make custom monster sprites for this game. We aim for as much original graphics as possible.

Untill now i made my own basic sprites or sued sprites that others would lend/make for me. The new spriter should design a minimum of about 12 monsters, from small to giant based on reference pictures + a sprite for the final bosses. If the spriter is interested in more work, we would be more than happy.

the sprites should be in 4x4 sheets and in the same style as you can see in the example:

We can not pay you however, but you can be part of a project that really delivers and work together with amazing artists, musicians and writers. If possible, we wish to switch to commercial games one day.

If you want to take this position, please answer here, or even better: pm mr or send me a mail at: antivlek [at] hotmail [dot] com

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