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Default Re: What was YOUR game of the year?

Sonic Colors, yatatatata XD

Sure, I beat the storyline within 5 hours...But I have a lot of "red ring" collecting to do. And the new voices~ I must admit, Roger has won me over. He absolutely wonderful with Sonic - really captures the attitude. And Katie for Tails wasn't bad either.

And Mike was the only actor to survive the change. Eggman was as evil as ever. Wasn't a lot of "hoo hoo hoo"s. That odd type of laugh, you know. I missed that.

I mean, it isn't one of the best games - Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog beat it, but still, it was really fun to play. I was angry Sonic Colors wasn't on the list for Spike's VGAs.

Buuuut, oh well. Tiddlywinks! *Poofs*
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